Website Change Log

Jan 3 2023 PROBLEM : Quick rating lookup at ratings/dat/index.html failed to find Shirley de Silva.
SOLVED: ratdat.js ignored players whose 4 letter nickname had a space (eg SDE). Fixed (ratdat.js is created with RATING.DAT and uploaded by NRO)
Jan 4 2023 PROBLEM: Player rating history not showing anything. Possible problem with archive.txt.
Not solved yet. Probably same error causing head to head to fail also.
Jan 8 2023 RATING.DAT trimmed
Remove old players (before 2017) from RATING.DAT and put them into before2017.dat
The javascript lookup will still find them all because ratdat.js has old and new.
Jan 8 2023 Big archive table updated to have 2023.
Jan 15 2023 State associations quick links.
Jan 23 2023 Mini site for Aus Champs, including registration
Feb 2 2023 Used classless css to redisplay qualifications pages.
Feb 3 2023 Changed frontpage.css, font, width, figures
Feb 8 2023 Fixed bug in recentinfo.cgi where th first bye player was not shown.
Changed the location of records from records to tournaments/records to assist uploading.