Victorian Scrabble Championship


The Victorian Scrabble Championship takes place over three days, Saturday to Monday (June 9 to 11). There are 24 rounds in all (8, 9 and 7).
On the Monday, other competitors take part in a 6 round event, the Queen's Birthday event.
Follow the results on this web site.


Khwanjai Thammaping has created Facebook albums of photos from the Victorian Championship and the Queen's Birthday tournaments.
Nick Ivanovski has been twittering about the event, with comments, photos and videos.
Marj Miller has much information about everything happening in Scrabble in Victoria on the Scrabble Victoria website.
On the national website, Edward Okulicz has created archives of tournaments over many years, and in particular, the archive for the 2012 Victorian Championship and the 2012 Queen's Birthday tournament

Victorian Champion

The Victorian Champion is Alastair Richards. This win comes hot on the heels of his winning the Western Australian Championship. Congratulations, Alastair.

Round 23

The top three each lose in this round!
Placings in round 23 Opponent in round 23
1 Alastair Richards 19 +1746  lost to Paul Richards 357:415
2 Andrew Fisher 17 +1194  lost to Michael Rubinstein 412:465
3 Peter Kougi 16 +887  lost to Geoff Wright 365:437
Geoff Wright and Peter Kougi (GWRI_PKOU.gcg), a strange endgame when Geoff plays TH/CH from his rack HOTEN and two blanks. And Trevor Halsall allows Ray Alford to have MARLINED so that he can have GOODTIME as a triple triple.

Round 21

Peter Kougi plays Norma Fisher (PKOU_NFIS.gcg).

Round 19 of Champ, Round 1 of QB

Peter Bauer was wanting to claim a record for high score for a three letter word, 70 for ZAX in the top left corner.

Round 18 (first round of Monday)

The Championship continues, with two dropouts. Meanwhile 52 players start arriving for the Queen's Birthday event.

Photos from Sunday

Round 17

A very happy Nick Ivanovski defeats Alastair Richards, who has been surging ahead of the field. We wonder what Alastair's secret weapon is? Perhaps the photo at the right is a clue.

Round 16

A very close finish in the game between Joanne Craig and Alastair Richards. Thanks again to Naween annotating. (ARIC_JCRA.gcg).

Round 15

Naween Fernando drops by, and uses Barry's iPad to annotate the game between Alastair Richards and Andrew Fisher (ARIC_AFIS.gcg).

Round 14

A wild game Alastair Richards versus Peter Kougi, best followed move by move on Quackle (ARIC_PKOU.gcg)

Round 14

Andrew Fisher in a rematch with Trevor Halsall. (ARIC_AFIS.gcg).

Round 13

This round is effectively King of the Hill, since there is a reset. Players will not be rematched against any opponent they have had from round 13 on.
Alastair Richards defeats Trevor Halsall (ARIC_THAL.gcg)

Joanne Craig gets 176 for KEDGIEST.

Round 11

It is inevitable with so many of the Richards family here. Last round Alastair played Paul. This round he plays Karen.

Round 10

The ten letter word ABORIGINES was played. Jenny Brysha played ABORI(GI)NE and then Greg Pinchbeck put an S on the end.
An interesting game between the hare and the tortoise, 'Quick Nick' Ivanovski versus Trevor Halsall (THAL_NIVA.gcg ). The blanks had appeared late in the game and so Trevor went five minutes overtime, but still won.

Round 9

The first round for Sunday. And a ripper game between Andrew Fisher and Peter Kougi. 539:515 in Andrew's favour (AFIS_PKOU.gcg)

Some photos

Round 8

A tense endgame Trevor Halsall versus Andrew Fisher. Trevor's outplay was nice and he also had another place to play out.

Round 7

Players are enjoying the lovely food that is being put out. As she and Rob York were nibbling at the goodies, Marisa Nuccitelli was excited that she played MOOPING, but had no idea what it meant. It means nibbling!

Round 5

Trevor Halsall kept ahead of Alastair Richards (THAL_ARIC.gcg)

Round 4

A frustrating game for Michael Rubinstein playing Trevor Halsall (THAL_MRUB.gcg)

and Nick Ivanovski got a personal best high game score of 650 and also claimed the record for highest opening score for 2012, QUEYNIE for 106

Round 2

The heavies meet already. Alastair Richards defeats Andrew Fisher. (THAL_ARIC.gcg)

Round 1

Ray Alford played JAMBEES for 97, making 8 words in the one turn.

Getting started

A TV crew is here following three players in particular, Jenny Brysha, Lois Binnie and Trevor Halsall. They had earlier filmed them at home preparing for the event, and have been filming them from a distance as they play, and interviewing them between games. There will in due time be a segment of about 25 minutes on the Channel 31 program, Behind The Words.

Past Victorian Champions


Year Winner Runner-up Third Place
Trevor Halsall
Andrew Fisher
Julian McKail
Edward Okulicz
Naween Fernando
Joanne Craig
Andrew Fisher
David Eldar
Edward Okulicz
David Eldar
Joanne Craig
Carmel Dodd
Andrew Fisher
Trevor Halsall
Michael Hornung
Chris May
Andrew Fisher
David Eldar
Naween Fernando
Andrew Fisher
Joanne Craig
2004 David Eldar Edward Okulicz Andrew Fisher
2003 Naween Fernando Andrew Fisher Trevor Halsall
2002 Naween Fernando Rod Talbot Geoff Wright
2001 Alistair Kane Rod Talbot Geoff Wright
2000 Roger Blom Saheed Jimoh Trevor Halsall
1999 Alistair Kane Geoff Wright Rod Talbot
1998 Bob Jackman Alistair Kane Ray Alford
1997 Geoff Wright Roger Blom Lindsay Van Niekerk
1996 Roger Blom Alistair Kane John Barker
1995 Bob Jackman Paul Cleary Jean McGiffen
1994 Geoff Wright Alistair Kane Roger Blom
1993 Roger Blom Geoff Wright Gwen Lampre
1992 Steve Sunter Alistair Kane Audree Clifton
1991 Alistair Kane Pat Worsfield Linda Findlay
1990 Roger Blom Nick Ivanovski Geoff Wright
1989 Steve Sunter Nick Ivanovski Roger Blom
1988 Ann Radan Alistair Kane Audree Clifton
1987 Lena Boyd Moana Nepia Roger Blom
1986 Dennis Boon Joan Rosenthal Marie Knight
1985 Lynne Butler Jean McGiffen Jack Mack