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Membership Benefits

  1. Receipt of Quarterly Magazine
    Across the Board contains playing hints, local, interstate and overseas Scrabble news, tournament reports, calendar of upcoming events Australia-wide, word lists, annotated games and more.
  2. Discounts on Publications
    Members receive substantial discounts on essential Scrabble references, e.g. Collins Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List (CSTCWL); Collins Dictionary; Official Scrabble Lists.
  3. Exemption from Tournament Levy
    Members attending Australian tournaments sanctioned by ASPA are exempt from a $5 levy payable by non-members
  4. Inclusion on National Ratings List
    Members attending tournaments acquire a National Rating which will be retained for at least one year. National Ratings are adjusted after each tournament attended.
  5. Qualification for high-level competitions
    You need to reach certain rating levels to be eligible to play in major tournaments like State championships. Ultimately, selection of State and International representatives is based on ASPA ratings.
  6. Public Liability Insurance
    Members attending affiliated clubs and tournaments are covered by Public Liability Insurance maintained nationally.
  7. Access to Scrabble e-mail List
    Members (and non-members) who have an email address may join the caspa discussion list, for news & discussion about Scrabble around Australia.
  8. Assistance in Starting a Scrabble Club
    Members considering starting a club receive advice, financial assistance and a Scrabble kit. Contact your State Association for more information.

How to Join

Ask at a Club or contact a Membership Officer in your State. Membership is only a few dollars per year (small variations between States).

Membership fees. Each State ASPA determines its own fees.

Membership subscriptions are to be paid to the State ASPA in which your club is affiliated.
If you DO NOT BELONG TO A SCRABBLE CLUB you must pay your membership to ASPA in your State of permanent residence.
Membership is transferrable between States.

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