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Email Rules of Play

Standard Scrabble rules apply, except that the letters have already been selected and are visible to both players on their game sheets.

MAKING MOVES: Players will play two games simultaneously with the same matrix of letters. The 1st player alphabetically, will make a move in Game A using some or all of the 1st 7 letters and will refill his rack starting from No.15, keeping the letters in correct order. The other player starts Game B at the same time with the 1st 7 letters. Moves are posted at a pre-determined time, before reading in-coming mail. Replies to each other's moves are made within 2 days. Once the games have developed differently, both moves are sent together.

RECORDING MOVES: The board is labelled with horizontal letters and vertical numbers, so that the 1st square is A1, next B1 and so on. When labelling the move, start with the letter, then the number, followed by "a" for Across or "d" for Down, eg. H4d or D8a.

EXCHANGING LETTERS: Letters may be exchanged in a specified order eg if a player wants to exchange for his 1st move, he lines up his letters with those available underneath - 1/26 2/38 3/50 4/62 5/74 6/86 7/98

If he changes his 1st and 6th letter, he will write "Change 1 & 6" for his turn. The letters on his rack will now be 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 26, 86.

ILLEGAL MOVES: If a player incorrectly records a move so that the move is impossible, or uses letters he does not have, or incorrectly makes an exchange, the player is allowed to correct the error. If this occurs a 2nd time in the game, the opponent can claim an illegal move and the offender misses a turn.

WORD RULES: SOWPODS word lists are used in tournaments, but social players may agree to OSW4 or OSPD only.

TIME LIMIT: Replies must be emailed within 2 days. A copy of both games must be kept on paper, in case of any misunderstandings, or computer breakdowns.

PLAYING BY EMAIL: the 10 x 10 block of letters may be emailed to an opponent, but for a tournament, game sheets should be sent by post to avoid possible mistakes. To type the move by email:

Game A: esncrba BRACE D8a 24/24 sneozil

(i.e. the rack, word made, grid reference, score & progressive total and the next rack). Once the games have developed differently, Game B will be typed under Game A. Do not use the TAB key between items as these may be a different size on your opponent's screen and send a single line into 2 lines, making it hard to read. Show a blank as ? on the rack, but in lower case in the word.

Note that CASPA no longer facilitates email tournaments.  You can play via email at The Pixie Pit.

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