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LOOKUP Software for Word Judging

A program with a limited but useful purpose - judging the allowability of words in a Scrabble tournament. The latest version includes words appropriate for Australia from 15 May, 2007.


Unlike the predecessor of this program, LOOK, this program does not support switching parts of the vocabulary off to suit North American players.

The data file is stored in a special squashed format. You do not need to download this file separately since it is included in the program distribution.

The program supports printing to a printer, especially a docket printer. However this may not necessarily work in a Windows environment.

Program: LOOKUP
Platform : MS-DOS 
License : Free
Author : Barry Harridge 
Download : LOOKUP.zip (370K)

This software is not approved by Mattel or Collins. The official software for adjudication may be obtained from the ABSP site where you will be required to supply your name and email address, and your IP address will also be recorded.

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