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Tournament Notices

Guide for preparation

Organisers must give two weeks notice to prospective players. The following is the minimum information needed for inclusion on a Tournament notice:

  • Day and date

  • Venue address map or map reference parking

  • Check in times and tournament start time

  • Format

  • Number of games and lengths of games

  • Local variations to rules

  • Entry fee

  • Lunch arrangements

  • Contact name and number address for cheques and entries

  • Closing date for entries

  • Emergency mobile phone number for the day

The following information is considered optional:

  • Nature of prizes (i.e. cash, trophy or other)

  • Whether balanced starts or drawn starts

  • Name of Tournament Director

  • Telephone number of venue

  • Accommodation arrangements

  • Post-tournament activities

The following tournament conditions are standard for all ASPA tournaments:

  • Loser of game to arrange tiles 10x10

  • Winner of the game to take score sheets to Computer Operator

  • National Rules apply (with State variations)

  • Reference is Official Scrabble Words list Collins 2007.

Australian Scrabble Players Association (ASPA)
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