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Tile Check Sheet

How to print

Two  high-quality Tile Check Sheets can be printed directly from this website (see printing notes below). 

A. Alphabetic version (Traditional)
All letters grouped in strict alphabetic order.

B. 5-letter words version (Funky)
Each row of this tile check sheet contains two unusual 5-letter words.  This  is because:

  1. Non-alphabetically grouped tiles are unlikely to cause unbalanced first racks when shuffled in the bag.  Nobody wants to pick up 6 letter I's on their first turn.  It is always hard to find a spot to play INDIVISIBILITY.
  2. Setting up tiles is TEDIOUS.  With our new tile check sheet, you are encouraged to ponder letter combinations. Like what letter can the blank represent in the word HAIT?

Printing notes

Both tile check sheets are plain HTML files which will print well on a black-and-white printer using regular A4 paper.  For best results, follow the following steps:

  1. Adjust your browser background print settings
    Set your browser options to "Print background colours and images".  This is important to pick up the grey cell backgrounds set to improve readability.  In Internet Explorer, you can find this checkbox by:
    • Select "Tools" from the top menu
    • Select "Internet options" from the drop-down menu
    • Click the "Advanced" tab.
    • Scroll down through the options until you reach the "Printing" heading and icon.
    • Click in the checkbox beside the text "Print background colours and images".
    • You may wish to uncheck this option after you have completed printing.
  2. Adjust your printer settings
    This is important to ensure the whole of the tile check sheet will fit in the A4 width .  Print settings vary.  But in general they can be adjusted via your browser, e.g.
    • Select "File" from the top browser menu.
    • Select "Page Setup" from the drop-down menu
    • Ensure paper size is set to A4 and page orientation is set to "Portrait".
    • Type in "small" values (e.g. 5.00 mm) into the boxes for "Margins - Left" and "Margins - Right".
    • Press the "OK" button.
    • You may wish to reset these printer properties after you have completed printing.
  3. Preview before printing
    Select  "File - Print Preview". Check the right-hand column displays okay before printing (and some squares or columns appear in grey).
    Note: Some older browsers do not have a "Print preview" feature.
  4. Print
    Print the required number of copies
  5. Laminate
    Get a print shop to laminate the sheets so that they are easy for players to use and remain clean.

Proceed to print the Tile Check Sheet

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