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How to make a tile bag with a round bottom

  (A tile bag must have a rounded bottom edge because tiles can get caught in the corners if the bag has square corners. This does not mean the bag is cylindrical, it is a flat bag made from two pieces of material)

Bag Material:
Use cotton drill or thicker material. Anything thinner than drill may be transparent.

Bag Tie:
Ribbon or use hat elastic or a separate elastic band.

Bag Dimensions:
 - length (when finished) maximum 33 cm
 - width (when finished) maximum 21 cm
 - ribbon 45 cm/ hat elastic 22 cm

Cutting Out:
Allow 3 cm for seams.
Use a bread and butter plate to mark out the rounded bottom.

(The bag is sewn with a reversed french seam so that the seam is on the outside of the bag)
Sew first seam with right sides together
Turn. Press.
Turn in and stitch top edge. Press.
Sew second seam on outside and include the ribbon/hat elastic in this seam.
It is important that there is no seam on the inside of the bag.

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