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The Scrabble Players Handbook

This is an extensive guide to strategic play. It was authored by a team of top Scrabble players from all around the world. It covers Scrabble Skills, Scoring at Scrabble, Understanding the Words, Word Learning, Tips and Strategies, Why Scrabble Strategy Matters, How To Play Good Scrabble, The Game Behind The Game, The First Move, Understanding Rack Leaves, Exchanging, Phoneys, Tile Tracking, Time Management, Setups, Board Geography, The Endgame, Entropy, How to Play Amazing Scrabble, Your First Tournament, Playing Style, The Luck Element.
Download the second edition as a 41MB PDF book.

KoalaKoala's Coaching Clinic

There are plans to update this
John Holgate
By John Holgate
aka Koala

John is a five-time winner of the Australian Championships.  He has also represented Australia at six World Championships.

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