Victorian Championship
Melbourne 2009

Scorecard for Jeff Chelton (1160)

In round1pippedDianne Davis (1470)377:374and is placed 22ndwith1+3
In round2beatDorothy Barraclough (1138)453:385and is placed 12thwith2+71
In round3beatCarmel Dodd (1717)382:317and is placed 5thwith3+136
In round4pippedKatie Rowe (1436)384:380and is placed 3rdwith4+140
In round5beatGeoff Wright (1636)357:340and is placed 2ndwith5+157
In round6lost toNaween Fernando (2007)307:394and is placed 5thwith5+70
In round7lost toDavid Eldar (2050)384:533and is placed 10thwith5-79
In round8lost toKaren Richards (1568)338:499and is placed 17thwith5-240
In round9 did not play and is placed 23rdwith5-240
In round10 did not play and is placed 28thwith5-240
In round11 did not play and is placed 32ndwith5-240
In round12 did not play and is placed 35thwith5-240
In round13pippedAnand Bharadwaj (1190)372:363and is placed 31stwith6-231
In round14was pipped byJenny Brysha (1317)376:385and is placed 33rdwith6-240
In round15lost toDianne Gibson (1376)359:484and is placed 37thwith6-365
In round16lost toSandra Masel (1110)364:406and is placed 39thwith6-407
In round17beatKhwanjai Thammaping (1198)418:349and is placed 37thwith7-338
In round18beatGillian Renwick (1126)388:325and is placed 33rdwith8-275
In round19pippedLorraine Thomas (1357)393:384and is placed 29thwith9-266
In round20lost toGwen Lampre (1633)368:447and is placed 33rdwith9-345
In round21beatKatie Rowe (1436)334:279and is placed 28thwith10-290
In round22lost toDianne Gibson (1376)384:405and is placed 32ndwith10-311
In round23was pipped byDianne Davis (1470)335:343and is placed 35thwith10-319
In round24beatAnand Bharadwaj (1190)439:345and is placed 32ndwith11-225

2009 Victorian Championship

Tournament organiser: Barry Harridge & Marj Miller, Webmaster: