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Australian Scrabble Championship

The Australian Championship is held each Easter. The Championship section consists of higher rated players. The Plate section is the next section. This list shows winner of Championship and Plate. Click the year to see full results.
This event has been rated both in Australia and internationally.
A more detailed view of all the National Championships is here.

Naween Fernando, Kris Howat
2022 Queensland
Peter Kougi, Sharon Sorensen
2021 Hobart
Chris May, Alex Tan
2019 Hobart
Cameron Farlow, Rene Chelton
2018 Canberra
Edward Okulicz, Don Hadley
2017 Perth
Russell Honeybun, Susan Roberts
2016 Adelaide
Trevor Halsall, Larrie Strautmanis
2015 Melbourne
Peter Kougi, Anne Schick
2014 Sydney
Daniel Piechnick, Don Hadley
2013 Southport
David Eldar, Rhonda Rickard
2012 Hobart
Andrew Fisher, Janine Whittaker
2011 Canberra
Chris May, Raya Wilkinson
2010 Adelaide
Naween Fernando, Michael Rubinstein
2009 Perth
Andrew Fisher, Sunny Wright
2008 Melbourne
Naween Fernando, Matthew Selvanera
2007 Sydney
David Eldar, Nick Cavenagh
2006 Brisbane
Andrew Fisher, Stuart Pridham
2005 Hobart
Naween Fernando, Linda Puls
2004 Canberra
Cheah Siu Hean, Helen Maurus
2003 Adelaide
Bob Jackman, David Eldar
2002 Fremantle
Cheah Siu Hean, Muriel Berman
2001 Melbourne
Edward Okulicz, Pat Schuberg

Australian Masters and State Team Challenge

The Australian Masters is a selective event of 20 top rated players playing a round robin. At the same time 21 selected players from the seven states or territories play a competition to determine a victorious state. This list shows the victorious state, winner of Masters and the first placed in State section.
This event is rated both in Australia and internationally.
Click the year to see full results.
2023 QLDSydney
Edward Okulicz, Chris Ostrowski
2022 VICMelbourne
Naween Fernando, Heather Long
2019 ACTCanberra
Chris May, John Spaan
2018 ACTSouthport
Andrew Fisher, John Hamilton
2017 VICAdelaide
Andrew Fisher, Edie Mueller
2016 Melbourne
Joanne Craig, David Vanzyl
2015 NSWSydney
Naween Fernando, Tim Mason
2014 NSWAdelaide
Cameron Farlow, Ryan Sutton
2013 VICMelbourne
Alastair Richards, Matte Dunn
2012 NSWSydney
Edward Okulicz, Tony Hunt
2011 QLDAdelaide
Edward Okulicz, John Spaan
2010 NSWMelbourne
Peter Kougi, Michael McKenna
2009 QLDSydney
Andrew Fisher, Chris Hall
2008 QLDMelbourne
David Eldar, Harry Malcolm
2007 VICMelbourne
Naween Fernando, Tony Hunt
2006 Wollongong
Bob Jackman, John Spaan
2005 SAMelbourne
Trevor Halsall, Carmel Dodd

State Championships

State Championships are flagship events of each state. They often attract players from other states. This list shews the winners from recent years.
Click the year to see full results.
2019 Jakob Teitelbaum
2020 Jakob Teitelbaum
2021 Jakob Teitelbaum
2022 Rael Hayman
2019 Joanne Craig
2021 Chris May
2022 Chris May
2023 Edward Okulicz
OtherCSIM, Spring, Winter
2019 Cameron Farlow
2021 Cameron Farlow
2022 Cameron Farlow
2023 Cameron Farlow
SA Mar
2019 Carmel Dodd
2020 Trevor Halsall
2021 Daniel Piechnick
2022Daniel Piechnick
2023Russell Honeybun
2024Russell Honeybun
2019 Stephen Mooney-Pursell
2020 Stephen Mooney-Pursell
2021 Martin Rose
2022 Stephen Mooney-Pursell
2023 Khen Meerding
2019 Trevor Halsall
2021 David Eldar
2022 Anand Bharadwaj
2023 David Eldar
2024 David Eldar
2019 Russell Honeybun
2021 Russell Honeybun
2022 Russell Honeybun
2023 Russell Honeybun
2024 Russell Honeybun

Trans Tasman

This event is held every two years, hosted alternately in Australia and New Zealand. A New Zealand team plays against an Australian team. The winning teams and best individuals are as follows:
1996 Australia, Bob Jackman
1998 New Zealand, Peter Sinton
2000 New Zealand, Jack Dymond
2002 Australia, Howard Warner
2004 Australia, Chris May
2006 Australia, Andrew Fisher
2008 Australia, Rod Talbot
2010 New Zealand, Joanne Craig
2012 Australia, Alastair Richards
2014 Australia, Adam Kretschmer
2016 Australia, Alastair Richards
2018 Australia, Dylan Early
2020 Coronavirus
2022 Australia, Bob Jackman

International Achievements

Australians have done well in international events. The Crossword Solver site lists major titles.

World Scrabble Championship
2011 Andrew Fisher runner up
2017 David Eldar runner up
2019 David Eldar winner
2023 David Eldar winner

Alchemist Cup
2018Team Australia
2020Team Australia

Brand's International
or King's Cup
1999 Naween Fernando runner up
2001 Paul Cleary runner up
2004 Andrew Fisher runner up
2010 David Eldar runner up

Malta International
2018 Alastair Richards

World Youth Scrabble Championship
or WESPA Youth Cup
2006 David Eldar winner
2009 Alastair Richards runner up
2011 Anand Bharadwaj winner
2012 Michael McKenna winner

World Seniors
2019 Esther Perrins