Registration (Closing date April 2, 2023)


Based on your rating on 7 April you will be allocated to Championship (≥1300) or Plate (<1300). When you submit this form we will look up your rating now. We will recalculate on 7 April.
If you wish to play in the Championship section but are below 1300 on 7 April you can elect to play up if you had a rating of 1300 or more some time after 7 October 2022.
Currently below 1300 but eligible to play up? Tell us the event when your rating was over 1300.

Otherwise if you attain 1300 later, resubmit this form.

If your rating is over 1300 on 7 April, 2023, you cannot play in the Plate.


We rely on a good proportion of players bringing equipment, namely chess clocks and rotating boards.
Tick a box if you can help in this way.
I will bring a clock
I will bring a board

Special needs

Tell us if you have dietary requirements.

Tell us if you have playing needs eg Fixed table.


The entry fee is $160 for the Championship or $140 for the Plate.
Bank: Westpac BSB 033-050
Account Name: ASPA (Vic) Reserve
Account No: 479321
Reference: your name