Scrabble New South Wales

Club Handicap System

You may wish to implement a handicap system in your club to evenly match opponents and provide a gauge for player improvement. The following system is recommended:
  1. Prepare a booklet in which to record players current rating
  2. At the meeting that you wish to commence handicaps, allocate a rating of 1200 to each player. All new players entering the system later receive 1200 to start with
  3. For each game a player wins, credit the player with 20 rating points and for each game lost, debit the player with 20 points At the end of the meeting adjust the rating for each player present eg a player wins 4 and loses 1 = net gain of 60 points
  4. Add net gain or loss to player rating and carry this over to the next meeting at which the player is present
  5. At next meeting, compare ratings for paired players and allocate a points start to the player with the lower rating of one tenth of the difference in rating eg player with rating of 1260 meets player of 1200 rating = 6 points start to the 1200 player
  6. Continue the system at each meeting