Scrabble New South Wales

NSW School Scrabble Strategy

The Scrabble NSW Committee has developed a strategy which it is hoped will promulgate junior Scrabble in New South Wales with optimum results. Elements of our School Scrabble strategy are listed below, with the rationale for each element:

Strategy: School Scrabble activities shall be split into regions
Rationale: Regions are managable by one volunteer player (the Regional co-ordinator). Regional School competitions can be organised by one or more established clubs within the region.

Strategy: Regional boundaries should coincide with newspaper distribution area where possible.
Rationale: Publicity of school scrabble activity or regional competitions would reach all potential schools in the area, when appearing in just one local paper. Local sponsors are more likely to provide assistance.

Strategy: Students are encouraged to play in teams.
Rationale: Stronger players can help weaker players grasp the fundamentals of the game. Resources are spread further with team play.

Strategy: Sets are to be sold to schools, not given
Rationale: The selling of starter kits provides the opportunity of joining the school into Scrabble NSW, with the hope they will renew from year to year. Hopefully a regular article will appear on School Scrabble to make the school want to keep renewing.

Strategy: Official Scrabble Words shall be the reference word list for School Groups.
Rationale: The Collins Scrabble dictionary is now easy to supply and reasonably priced such that it can be included in the kit

Strategy: Only schools who have a Group co-ordinator / teacher will be supplied with kits
Rationale: It is the teacher who will be organiserof school play, with the assistance of the handbook supplied with the kit. Scrabble NSW does not see it as practical for our players to oversee School activities

Strategy: The 'Schools' section of the Scrabble NSW website shall provide resources for School Co-ordinators and student players, as well as keep a record of schools supplied with kits and names of School Co-ordinators.
Rationale: It is desirable for school student players and school co-ordiantors to have a single point of entry direct from the Scrabble NSW website.