Scrabble New South Wales

Responsibilities and Guidelines for Tournament Directors

  1. If qualified, act as Rules Advisor

  2. If experienced, act as Computer Operator

  3. Make announcements regarding start and end of play

  4. Carry out redraws (last game only) in event of scores entered incorrectly

  5. Observe play generally, and control noise level in the playing area

  6. Patrol playing area when time permits, checking mainly for tiles on floor and incorrect tile-drawing techniques

  7. If possible, delegate entry of scores at end of round to enable proper supervision and noise control for last games to finish

  8. Attend to disputes between players, being sure to take a copy of the rules to the table

  9. Refer problem to Rules Advisor, if unable to resolve

  10. Make final adjudication on dispute

  11. Ensure any kibbitzing is with the players permission and free from noise and suggestive actions

  12. Be familiar with Scrabble NSW Dispute Register as an aid for making rulings

  13. Report infringements & rulings on disputes to Scrabble NSW President or Rules Adviser

  14. This is a guideline, not a mandated responsibility, as a result of discussion at NSW Scrabble Committee meeting, December 2013. That redraws at NSW tournaments should only be carried out on the last game, and only if the final outcome can be affected. When adopting a stance on redraws, TDs are reminded to ensure that criteria for executing redraws are applied consistently.

Date last updated: 9th February 2014