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Tips for New Players

  1. Try to learn some of the two and three-letter words and their hooks.
  2. Where possible save an S to score 30 points or more.
  3. Try to save the blank to score a bonus of 50 points by using all tiles.
  4. Aim to balance your rack by keeping an equal number of vowels and consonants. The best tiles to keep are ADEILNRST as they offer the most opportunity for creating a seven or eight-letter word (bingo).
  5. Play as many tiles as possible each move - providing you don't open too many opportunities for your opponent or leave poor tiles on your rack.
  6. If you have the Q, J, X or Z in your rack, don't hang on to it too long waiting for a better score. It is better to change or accept a lower score.
  7. Look before you leap! Take a second look before you play a word. There may be a better place
  8. Where possible try not to play words that place vowels next to triple letter or double letter squares.
  9. Maximise the use of the triple letter and double letter squares. They provide the best scoring opportunities when used horizontally and vertically in the same move.
  10. When looking for bingos remember the prefixes un, re, de, be, out and over and the suffixes of -ing, ier, ed, ous, iest, ate, ful and ion.
  11. If you have poor tiles on your rack consider changing all or some of them - particularly if your opponent has just done so. In this case, be sure to mix the tiles in the bag well.
  12. Be aware of the main scoring tiles left in the bag.
  13. GOOD LUCK!
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