S1 C3 R1 A1 B3 B3 L1 E1
A1 U1 S1 T1 R1 A1 L1



Mid-Game Practice

Mid-Game Situation 1

Where would you play your bonus word (AUNTIES, SINUATE, SINUATED) to gain the best tactical advantage? There are 10 different bonus plays possible here. Can you find them all? Midgame 1

Analysis of Mid-Game Situation 1

Mid-Game Situation 2

In the game below you are 34 points behind but have good scoring options with the Q : QAT, QUARK, QANAT or QUOTA. Where is the best place to score well with your Q? In this situation should you minimize your opponent’s bonus opportunities or maximize your own?

Midgame 2

Analysis of Mid-Game Situation 2

Mid-Game Situation 3

In this game you are 123 points behind on a closed board but with two blanks still in the bag.
How could you open up lanes for bonus words which would allow you to catch up?

Midgame 3

Analysis of Mid-Game Situation 3

Analysis of Mid-Game Situation 1

Option 1: J1 AUNTIES/FAS 67 - Opens up the the triple row 1 needlessly.

Option 2: K3 AUNTIES/CHAPS 76 - Allows JAUNTIES hook and floaters A U and N.

Option 3: K3 SINUATE/CHAPE 76 - Better - but still leaves floaters - S I and N.

Option 4: M4 SINUATED 61 - Leaves a hot spot at 8L across to the TWS.

Option 5: 11A SINUATE/CHE 72 - opens up the TWS column A.

Option 6: 12C SINUATE/BE 70 - Leaves floaters S I and N.

Option 7: 13I AUNTIES /DIN/EFT 76 - Opens up the TWS along column O.

Option 8: 13E SINUATE/DIE 63 Leaves the U under H12 for a big Q-play.

Option 9: 13E AUNTIES/DIS 63 Leaves only a floating A but scores 13 points less than Option 3.

Option 10: 13F AUNTIES/DIE/EFS 69 - Good defensively - except for a K play at H12.

On balance I would choose Option 10 since it closes off likely bonus lanes along rows 12 and 13.
My opponent will more likely hook on to the DI (DIB, DID, DIE, DIG etc) with a bonus than on to the P of CHAP (K9) (only CHAPE, CHAPT or CHAPS). And a counter bonus hooking on to FA will open up the triple file for me along row 1.












Analysis of Mid-Game Situation 2

I prefer 1M QAT/QI/ID for 50 points, undoubling the A’s and keeping the blank. As I hold the last blank and am 34 points behind it is not in my interests to block the board - say with 15 H QUARK (51) or 9M QUOTA (53).

In this game, after QAT was played, player B counterpunched with HENPECKS for 107 from 15F but player A was able to use the blank for GOALWARD from C3 and keep in the contest.













Analysis of Mid-Game Situation 3

The best play here is K2 BRINS for 32 keeping A-I-S. Seven of the nine A’s are gone so player A has the promise of forming ABRINS and a triple word bonus along row 1 which would even up the match.
The V at B6 is also available for an eight if player B manages to block row 1.

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