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Decathon 2011 ~ December 27

Theresa Scicluna with new player Nicole
Lowe, both from the Essendon Club

Taking a coffee break, Alistair Kane with Helen
Maurus in her pretty Zyzzyva T-shirt

Carol Johnsen introducing one of our young
international heroes, Jayden Kuhne
Fifty players took part in this post-Christmas event, and we welcomed Nicole Lowe, a new player from the Essendon Club. Nicole enjoyed her day and is looking forward to playing further tournaments with us. We also welcomed Queensland players Helen Maurus and John Rider, and Mythili Rudra from New South Wales who is in the throes of relocating to live and work here in Victoria. Jayden Kuhne was given a rousing round of applause when President Carol Johnsen introduced him at the start of play, congratulating him on his win in the Open Division of the recent Causeway Challenge in Malaysia. Jay is still happily delighted with his decisive victory, and more detail can be found by clicking on the link to Youth Scrabble at the left.
It was a challenge to run the Decathon this year as the two top sections were well populated but the lower sections were short of players, and round robins were played with the final rounds reverting to an Australian Draw. As the tournament had been advertised as a four-section event it seemed quite unfair to arbitrarily reduce the number of sections on the day, but next year's Decathon is advertised as 2, 3 or 4 divisions which will hopefully cover all contingencies.

The Masterful Masters - happy Trevor Halsall,
with Ray Alford and Jayden Kuhne

The Victors in Advanced - Peter Bauer, Elaine
Capewell and Ann Hagley

The Intermediate Intelligentsia - Theresa
Scicluna, Carol Mascitti and Dieter Jedamski
Masters was won by an on-fire Trevor Halsall, who finished with 8 wins, with Peter Kougi second on 7 wins ahead of Jayden, also with 7 wins to his credit. The High Game was played by Trevor with an excellent score of 636, and Ray Alford played the nine-timer "SQUARER" for 134 points to take home the High Word award.
In Advanced four players recorded seven wins, separated only by margin. The best of these was Ann Hagley who finished first ahead of Elaine Capewell and Peter Bauer, with Mary McMahon in fourth place. Elaine scored 524 to win the High Game award, and Cheryle Jerram played "SQUANDER" for 104 points to achieve the High Word award for this division.
Intermediate saw three players finish on 7 wins, and the best of these was Dieter Jedamski, clear on margin from Theresa Scicluna and Mohammed Hegazi in second and third places respectively. Carol Mascitti played a great game to score 517, and in the same game played the nine-timer "STEEPING" for 131 points to collect both the High Game and High Word awards.

Triumphant in Recreation - Marisa Nuccitelli,
Carole Eden and Ann Goodwin

Photographer Khwanjai Thammaping with
Hilary and Fintan Conway

At the computer table - Carol Johnsen, Norma
Fisher, Barry Harridge and Marj Miller
In Recreation Carole Eden finished narrowly ahead of Marisa Nuccitelli - both won 8 games, with Carole ahead of Marisa by a margin of just 34 points. Third place went to Ann Goodwin on 6 wins, and Ann also recorded the High Game of 459 for the section, with Marisa playing "SLANGED" for 88 to collect the High Word award.
Some excellent ratings gains were achieved on the day, with the following clearly worthy of mention: Jayden Kuhne +75, Mohammed Hegazi +62, Marisa Nuccitelli +57, Ann Hagley +55 and Carole Eden +50. Congratulations to all on your achievements, and thank you to all who helped in any way on the day including photographer Khwanjai, your assistance was greatly appreciated.
To see the final standings of all players click HERE

Evo Arvo ~ December 11 2011

It was good to see 42 players turn up at short notice for this pleasant 6-game tournament, scheduled to give our Scrabble-loving afficionados an extra event prior to Christmas. Maxine Auld, a member of the Bentleigh Club, took part in her first tournament and I'm sure will return to the fray at a later date. The later starting time of 2pm was popular with many, and the yummy pizza dinner delivered virtually on time by local pizzeria Nero's was appreciated by all.

Division A: Geoff Wright, Norma Fisher, Peter
Kougi and Doug Ristic

Division B: Rob York, Khwanjai Thammaping
and Shaun Donnelly

Mythili Rudra from New South Wales, with
new player Maxine Auld
Division A saw hard-working Committee member Norma Fisher finish in first place on five wins, ahead of Geoff Wright who also won five, with Peter Kougi on four wins in third place. Peter scored 571 to win the High Game award, and Doug Ristic played "HOMAGES" for 102 points to collect the High Word award for this section.
In Division B Khwanjai Thammaping won all 6 games to finish ahead of Rob York on five wins and Shaun Donnelly on four. Well done Khwanjai, winning all games in any event is always a huge challenge. Shaun took home the High Game award with a score of 534, and Rob played "FANCIEST" for 95 points to collect the High Word award.
Commendable ratings gains were achieved by Khwanjai Thammaping +56, Norma Fisher +44, Rob York +36, Harry Malcolm +33 and Geoff Wright +32. Thank you to everyone for your assistance in the running of this event, and a special thank you to Jack Miller who did an admirable job on KP duty for the day.
To see the full results of this event click HERE

The Bentleigh Tournament ~ November 20 2011

Harry Malcolm, 2000 games

The A.S.P.A.(Vic) 2000 game badge
Below is a report from Tournament Director Norma Fisher, thanks Norma, and thanks to Jenny Brysha for taking the pics. Well done to all who helped make the day so enjoyable, your hard work is appreciated.
Many thanks to the 64 players who turned out to participate in the annual Bentleigh Tournament………20/11/2011 was an auspicious day for some, not so for others - but that's the nature of this game we love. No one actually won all 7 games but there were some tight battles and jockeying for positions! We welcomed Novice player Elysha Neylan from the Nunawading Club and also presented Harry Malcolm with his 2000 game badge, congratulations to you both.
In Recreation Marjorie Clark came 1st by winning 6 games with a margin of 506, losing only to Anna Palmer who placed 2nd with 5 wins and a margin of 465. Latha Weerakkody came 3rd also on 5 wins with a margin of 343. Anna also had both the High Game of 533 and the High Word - "skewing" for 106..a good haul for Anna!

The winner of Recreation,
Marjorie Clark

Recreation: Latha Weerakkody
Anna Palmer

New player on the day, Elysha
Neylan from Nunawading Club
In Intermediate Glen Chandler came 1st by winning 6 games with a margin of 466. Glen has been promising great things for some time and will be happy with this win. Dorothy Barraclough placed 2nd with 5 wins and a margin of 360 and Paula Messer came 3rd, also on 5 wins with a margin of 267. Glen also had the High Game of 497 and the High Word prize went to Carol Mascitti - "requests" for 98.
In Advanced a resurgent Lorraine Thomas came 1st by winning 6 games with a margin of 518, losing only to Ian Newton who came 2nd with 6 wins and a margin of 380, and Kashi Ross came 3rd with 5 wins and a margin of 532. Lorraine also had the High Game of 550 and Kris Howat won the High Word with an awesome score of 212 for "overfall".

Masters: Heather Long, Anand
Bharadwaj, Geoff Wright,
Natasha Podesser

Advanced: Lorraine Thomas,
Kashi Ross, Kris Howat
Ian Newton

Intermediate: Dorothy
Barraclough, Paula Messer,
Glen Chandler
In Masters Heather Long placed 1st by winning 6 games with a margin of 439, and Anand Bharadwaj came 2nd by winning 6 games with a margin of 303. Heather was defeated only by Anand, and Anand went down to Angela Newton. Natasha Podesser came 3rd with 5 wins and a margin of 264, and Geoff Wright took both the High Game (546) and the High Word - "trampish" for 217…..another awesome score!
Excellent ratings gains on the day included Lorraine Thomas +59, Glen Chandler +54 and Heather Long +43.
Congratulations to all…….some very fine performances, particularly by our young players. The Bentleigh Club members wish Anand and Jayden the very best of tiles in their pursuit of the WYSC title next month in Johor Bahru.

To see the final standings of all players click HERE

The Geelong Tournament, at the home of the AFL Premiers - November 6 2011

Once again we gathered in the Fred Flanagan Room at Kardinia Park, a lovely venue for a tournament. Fifty-six players took part, arriving by car, train and ferry. We congratulated Ruth Fewings on her 84th birthday, and fittingly Ruth had her best day of scrabble since the middle of last year - she was delighted to win four games and gain 20 ratings points. We also welcomed Edward Okulicz from NSW, and it was good to see some faces we don't see very often. Many of us partook of the pleasant lunch available in the Cats Bistro, which made the lunch hour a little longer than intended but the six games were still completed in sufficient time to allow everyone to travel home in daylight.

Players relaxing in the Fred Flanagan Room
at the Geelong Football Club

President Carol Johnsen and Mary McMahon
putting in some serious time at the laptop

Masters - Geoff Wright, Edward Okulicz, Lois
Binnie, Norma Fisher and Heather Long
Masters saw a win to Edward Okulicz, sweeping almost all before him but losing to Norma Fisher in game five. Norma placed second on four wins, with third place going to Geoff Wright, also winning four. Heather Long picked up the High Game award for a score of 559 (the highest game score across all sections), and Lois Binnie played FROCKING for 110 points to receive the High Word award in Masters.
The winnner in Advanced was a very happy Jenny Brysha, followed by Kris Howat and Audree Clifton. Jenny and Kris both had five wins, with the evergreen Audree on four wins. Audree also played the High Game for this section, 530 points, and Mark Cole scored 94 for HEARINGS to gain the prize for High Word.
Intermediate saw a win to Marjorie Barnes from the Mount Martha Club, with Anne Menheere (Geelong Club) and Theresa Scicluna (Essendon Club) placing second and third respectively. Marjorie and Anne had five wins apiece, with Theresa winning four. High Game went to Paula Messer for a score of 486, and the High Word award for the section went to Ann Goodwin (Greensborough and Watsonia Clubs) for the nine-timer KNITTING valued at 122 points, the best word score for the day.

Advanced - Mark Cole, Jenny Brysha, Audree
Clifton and Kris Howat

Inter - Marjorie Barnes, Paula Messer, Ann
Goodwin, Theresa Scicluna, Anne Menheere

Recreation - Anna Palmer, Ruth Fewings
and Glenys Dettmann
In Recreation Anna Palmer was victorious on five wins, followed by Glenys Dettmann, also on five wins, with the birthday girl Ruth Fewings in third place. Anna scored 545 points to achieve the High Game for the section, and Glenys played WHISKER for 91 points to achieve High Word for the section. It was lovely to see Anna back after an enforced absence of several months, and she was delighted to be back playing in a tournament.
Excellent ratings gains for the day were achieved by Marjorie Barnes +44, Anne Menheere +40, Jenny Brysha +38, Kris Howat +37 and Norma Fisher +36. Special thanks to Marlene Ellis, Alan Cole, Mary McMahon and all the members of the Geelong Club who organised things so well, undoubtedly everyone had a lovely day out.
To see the final standings of all players click HERE

SOUTH AUSTRALIA TRIUMPHS – 67games – 53games

Thank you to Arjun Haria and Barry Harridge for the photos, and to Carol Johnsen for the following report.
It was a rather overwhelming defeat for Victoria in the annual Challenge between South Australia and Victoria, but nevertheless well-deserved for the South Australian team. However, the combined camaraderie of the teams and effort put into this weekend more than compensated for Victoria’s loss.

The victorious SA team: Standing - Jane Taylor, Marlene Brown, Lyndee Hill,
Rob Marotta, Carol Colwill, Simon Walton, Paula Brown, Rowena Vnuk, Adam
Kretschmer, Carmel Dodd, Tony Miller.
In front - Lachlan Vnuk, Trevor Tao.

The Vics: Back - Doug Ristic, Peter Bauer, Arjun Haria, Norma Fisher,
Mal Eden, Carole Eden, Dorothy Barraclough. Seated: Ruth Fewings,
Glenys Dettmann, Heather Long, Sandra Masel, Carol Johnsen, Kris
Howat. In front - Barry Harridge
Congratulations to Simon Walton who lived up to his rating of 1758 with 9 out of 10 wins with Carol Johnsen gifting Carmel Dodd the tournament high game with 555 (no, really, Carmel played a very good game). Paula Brown (Organiser for SA) had arranged for prizes for high word in the top half and the bottom half, however we all agreed that Glenys Dettmann (bottom half) deserved both prizes for 131 for LOADINGS which was a wonderful score.
Trevor Tao, composer and guitar player, along with all the SA team, sang a very clever team song (to the tune of the Adelaide Crows football song) to us at the start of the tournament and hopefully you can see and hear the video on this site. Click below to watch and listen to Trevor and the South Australian team!

Barry Harridge had arranged for 10 of us to attend a cabaret performance on Friday evening at an intimate venue (converted church) just one block from the playing venue (and our accommodation). The trio (2 women and one man on piano) entertained us with arrangements of the McCartney and Lennon collaboration songbook which certainly brought back to mind the contribution that this duo made to the music world. The cost was $20 per head and was totally enjoyable.
Whilst the Horsham venue is closer to Melbourne than to Adelaide, most of the team from SA agrees that Horsham is a great venue, with cheap accommodation, many hotels and bistros, pokies, shops, caravan parks and the playing venue at the White Hart Hotel in the centre of town is cheap, quiet and the management are very accommodating. We have tentatively booked the weekend of October 6 and 7 (last weekend of school holidays) in Horsham for the 2012 challenge.

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Nigel Richards is the 2011 World Champion ~ Congratulations!

The finals playing room - Andrew plays Nigel,
with several annotators and Wilma standing by.
Spectators at the venue in Warsaw were able to watch the finals in a separate room via CCTV, with the contestants isolated in the company of several annotators and Tournament Director Professor Wilma Vialle. The coverage for those of us at home was excellent, and many watched the games live as they unfolded move by move. Many thanks to John Chew and the dedicated team of annotators for making this possible.
After five fascinating games of scrabble Nigel Richards from New Zealand emerged the victor over Andrew Fisher from Australia. Scores in the first four games were Nigel 484-427, Andrew 520-406, Nigel 459-359, Andrew 562-420, setting the scene for the all-important final game, which Nigel won convincingly 476-333. Some brilliant words were played, including zENAIDA(S), DAROGHAS, TOLARJ(E)V, (G)ONDELAY and PrEPR(I)NT. The distribution of tiles was interesting, with Andrew drawing just one blank from the ten available. Congratulations to Nigel, and better luck in two year's time, Andrew.
To see the final standings of all players click HERE

World Champs after Day 4

Round 29 - Pakorn Nemitrmansuk, Thailand,
v. Chris May

Round 34 - Andrew Fisher v. Dave Wiegand,
After thirty-four nail-biting rounds Andrew Fisher has qualified to play in the best-of-five final against former World Champion Nigel Richards of New Zealand, who will be a formidable opponent for Andrew. The performance of all our Australians has been absolutely amazing - almost all have finished in the top half of the field which is an incredible result considering the standard of the competitors. Here are the final standings - as mentioned Andrew 2, Chris May 5, Alastair Richards 10, Peter Kougi 31, Edward Okulicz 32, Naween Fernando 39, and Trevor Halsall 56. Well done, everyone, and good luck to Andrew in tonight's final!

World Championship update - end of Day 2

Tournament Director
Prof. Wilma Vialle
So far our seven Aussie reps are doing well - Andrew Fisher has attained 6th spot with 11 wins from the 16 games played, with Chris May 8th, Alastair Richards 9th, Edward Okulicz 11th, Naween Fernando 36th, Peter Kougi 54th and Trevor Halsall 71st. There are 106 competitors, and Australia is delighted that once again our very experienced Tournament Director Professor Wilma Vialle from the University of Wollongong has been asked to preside over the tournament - a great honour indeed.

The Mount Martha Tournament ~ October 9 2011

Below is a report from the organiser of this very pleasant event held at the Mount Eliza Community Centre, Julie Belle. Thanks to Julie and all members of the Mount Martha Club for running the tournament, and in particular for their lovely yummy food!

Recreation: David Robinson 3rd,
Ann Goodwin 1st & High Word,
Heather Iapozzuto 2nd & High Game
Hi everyone! Thanks to all those who came from far and wide to help make our tournament a most enjoyable day! We had a cold and rainy start to the day but ended up with blue skies and sunshine.
The results are as follows: starting with Recreation, Heather Iapozzuto had a most successful day starting with a belated presentation of an award for her fantastic ratings increase accompanied by a beautiful portrait that Katie Rowe painted of Heather...followed by achieving the high game with 450 points and also 2nd place. Ann Goodwin came first with five wins and also took out high word with REQUINS for 87 points.Well done also to David Robinson who came 3rd winning 4 games.
Moving on to Intermediate, Sandra Masel achieved a very impressive 525 points to take out high game and also drew with Pat Weston to win high word. Both ladies scored 101 for their words - OVERDRAW and NEAPING respectively. Janet Matthews came 2nd winning 5 games and Stephanie Saunders came 3rd winning four games, well done to you both. The winner with 6 great wins was Marjorie Page, well done Marjorie!
In Advanced the high game went to Alan Cole with 513 points, well done Al! I was playing on the same table as John Parker when he got his memorable high word RESTRING for a fantastic 131 points...the excitement of getting a double triple bingo was all too much and his cup of tea went flying across the table! I would have been very happy with that too! Well done John! John also achieved 3rd place, John Rider all the way from sunny Queensland came second and Patricia Mitchell came 1st with five wins...good work!
Masters saw one of our locals Ray Alford achieve high game with 500 points and Harry Malcolm had the high word with BIASSED for 101 as well as 2nd place with 4 wins, congrats! Jane Mc Donnell came 3rd with 4 wins and the big winner was Gwen Lampre with a terrific 6 wins and that was after driving such a long way to get here!!

Inter ~ Stephanie Saunders 3, Pat Weston
equal High Word, Sandra Masel High Game &
HW, Janet Matthews 2, (front) Marjorie Page 1.

Advanced ~ Alan Cole High Game, Patricia
Mitchell 1, John Parker 3 & High Word,
John Rider 2.

The Masters ~ Gwen Lampre 1, Harry Malcolm 2
& High Word, Ray Alford High Game, Jane
McDonnell 3.
A huge thanks must go to all the ladies at the Mt Martha Scrabble Club who slaved over hot stoves to produce all the lovely home-baked goodies and contributed prizes and items for the lucky door prize raffle (won by Sandra Masel by the way! Good on you Sandra!) Thanks as always to Carol for making the day run so smoothly on the computers and all the behind the scenes help with organising the day. Many thanks too to Norma and Marj who always arrive crack 'o' sparrows to help set up and always the last to leave after sorting out the equipment etc. for the next tournament. Looking forward to seeing you all across the pond in Geelong in November, many thanks, Julie and the ladies at the Mt Martha Scrabble Club.

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Most improved player 2010 ~ 2011

Heather Iapozzuto
This award is presented annually to the player who increases their rating by the greatest margin over the twelve month period from the beginning of June till the end of May. This year it was presented to Heather Iapozzuto for increasing her rating by 279 points. Well done, Heather, a great achievement indeed. Heather was presented with a souvenir map of Victoria and a portrait painted By Katie Rowe, thank you Katie.
Other high achievers during the 12 months were Rob York +221, Jan Bidwell +202, Michael Rubinstein +167, Wendy Barnes +158, Gillian Stevens +143, Ian Tay Zhi Xian +137, Jenny Plant +134 and Anand Bharadwaj + 130. Congratulations to all for a good year's scrabble!

The latest news on the W.S.C.

David Eldar

Alastair Richards
Owing to last minute visa difficulties David Eldar is now unable to take his place in the Championship. The next placed qualifier Julian McKail is unable to attend, and it is hoped that Alastair Richards can quickly make arrangements to travel to Poland to take David's place. Good luck with that, Alastair, and of course with the Championship!

Coming soon - the World Scrabble Championship ~ October 12-16 in Warsaw

Australia has performed well in previous World Championships, and this has resulted in seven places being allocated to us this year, a great achievement indeed. Our representatives are shown below, and we wish them well. All have impressive credits which you can check by exploring the W.S.C. website - click HERE
This link will also keep you up to date with results and standings posted regularly by Tournament Director Canadian John Chew, and we thank John for his efforts in keeping us so well informed. Here are our Aussies -

Chris May

Naween Fernando

Edward Okulicz

Andrew Fisher

Peter Kougi

Trevor Halsall

Seniors' Festival Scabble Day at Bendigo

Ruth Fewings
Thanks to Ruth Fewings for organising this very pleasant day in Bendigo. Participants came from the surrounding district, with three travelling by train from Melbourne. I have heard that a lovely lunch of fresh sandwiches and cakes was served, and enjoyed by all. Here is a report from Ruth, with thanks.
Overall winner - Heather Long, 3/1366. High Game - Norma Fisher, 535 High Word - Eileen Mills, SQUEALS, 103
Sectional winners:
The sections were named after small nearby towns.
Axe Creek ~ Heather Long 3/1366
Bagshot ~ Eileen Mills, 2/1211
Chewton ~ Joyce McCorriston, 2/1143
Derby ~ Ruth Fewings, 3/1180
Anagram Crossword Contest - 2 sections
1- from those present - Margaret Theobold
2 - from those unable to come to Bendigo - Rob York.

The Essendon Tournament ~ September 25 2011

Fun for the Masters - Peter Kougi and
Julian McKail bring Anand Bharadwaj
up to their level!
The Essendon members once again looked after us very well, with several members supplying the 74 competitors with a tempting array of scrumptious goodies. It was good to see an increase in the number of attendees, and we were pleased to see a few players whom we hadn't seen for a while. Tournament Director Lois Binnie kept the tournament flowing smoothly, with expert help from Lalitha Sundaresan on computer duties. The Essendon Club generously donated the proceeds from the tournament ($473) to the support fund for our World Youth players, Kashi Ross took charge of the raffle ($218.05) to support the same cause, and Khwanjai Thammaping, who recently returned from Thailand, sold Thai jewellery ($60) as a means of garnering further support. These efforts, together with the proceeds of earlier fundraising initiatives, brings the total raised to $2,827, and the families of Jayden Kuhne and Anand Bharadwaj would lke to express their sincere appreciation to all who contributed in any way.
Masters saw a win to Peter Kougi who won all 7 games, and will soon travel to Poland to compete in the biennial World Scrabble Championship. Second and third places were filled by Julian Mckail and Anand Bharadwaj, both on 5 wins. The High Game award went to Peter for an excellent game score of 581, and he also collected the High Word award for "ARIDNESS" which scored 140 points.
In Advanced Doug Ristic (who must have finally found favour with the tile fairy!) took out the honours, winning 6 games and finishing ahead of Bridget Halge and Elaine Capewell, both on 5 wins. Elaine scored 517 to take out the High Game award, and the High Word award went to Julie Belle who played "GRINDING" for 116 points.
Intermediate saw Mal Eden victorious on 6 wins, with Paula Messer and Dorothy Barraclough each a game behind in second and third places. Mal and Carole recently returned from an extended holiday in Queensland and it was good to see them back. Mal won the High Word award for a score of 108 for "EQUATES" and the High Game Award went to Khwanjai Thammaping for a score of 443.
In Recreation Marjorie Clark was victorious with 6 wins, ahead of Eileen Mills and Arjun Haria, both on 5 wins. Glenys Dettmann scored 454 to take out the High Game award, and also played "GRISTLES" for 131 to win the High Word award for the section.

Advanced - Doug Ristic, Julie Belle,
Bridget Halge & Elaine Capewell

Intermediate - Paula Messer, Mal Eden &
Khwanjai Thammaping

Recreation - Arjun Haria, Eileen Mills,
Glenys Dettmann, Marjorie Clark

Some of the Essendon members - Audree Clifton,
Cynthia Cook, Janet Bau, Lois Binnie

Photographer Khwanjai Thammaping with
Essendon regular Theresa Scicluna

Geoff Wright and Kashi Ross enjoy ice
creams towards rhe end of the day
Several players achieved excellent ratings gains, in particular Doug Ristic +59, Gianna Devcic +53, Marjorie Clark +43, Lorraine Thomas +35, Barry Harridge +32, and Heather Long and Val Hardiman who both went up 31 points. Well done to all, and thank you to all who helped to make the day a very pleasant experience.
To see the full results of the event click HERE

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The Australian Masters & State Team Challenge ~ September 10/11 2011

Simon Walton 5th, the Masters Champ Edward
Okulicz, Chris May 2nd. Absent - Michael
Cameron 3rd, Naween Fernando 4th
A wonderful feast of Scrabble took place in Adelaide when these two events ran concurrently over the weekend.

Individual achievers in the Team Challenge -
Helen Maurus, Ryan Anderson, Adam
Kretschmer, John Spaan, Tony Hunt
Ably organised by Simon Walton, Carmel Dodd and the South Australian members, and directed by Dr. Wilma Vialle, the event ran smoothly with lovely lunches and snacks supplied each day. Barry Harridge and an excellent team of annotators kept interested internet users up to date, with many games uploaded during the event. Lalitha Sundaresan, mother of the Victorian Team Captain Anand Bharadwaj, increased her considerable computer skills, learning how to use Quackle and upload the annotated games to crosstables.com under the guidance of Barry.
At the end of the event the Masters title went to Edward Okulicz (NSW), a very worthy winner who struggled to get there to compete, having to overcome a cold earlier in the week and difficulties with travel arrangements including an overnight bus trip on Friday night.

The top teams - Helen Maurus, Ryan Anderson, Roberta Tait (Q);
John Spaan, Caroline Scowcroft, John Hamilton (ACT);
Anand Bharadwaj, Norma Fisher, Marj Miller (Vic)
Second place went to Chris May (NSW) with Michael Cameron (SA) third. Richard Jeremy (ACT) scored 636 to win the High Game Award, and Michael Cameron played "PRECINCT" for 158 points to collect the High Word Award.
In the State Team Challenge the Queensland team of Roberta Tait, Helen Maurus and Ryan Anderson were victorious on 33 wins, followed by Victoria represented by Norma Fisher, Anand Bharadwaj and Marj Miller, and the Australian Capital Territory team of Caroline Scowcroft, John Hamilton and John Spaan. Both these teams finished on 32 wins, with Victoria ahead by 431 margin points. The individual award within the Teams event went to John Spaan from the ACT, two games clear of Queensland players Helen Maurus on 13 wins and Ryan Anderson on 12 wins. Adam Kretschmer (SA) received the High Game Award for a score of 621, and Tony Hunt (NSW) won the High Word Award for "JOINTED" valued at 112 points.
Congratulations to all prizewinners for your excellent play, and thank you to all who contributed to the smooth organisation of the event, it was fun. To see the full results of the Masters click HERE, and to see the results of the Team Challenge click HERE

Support for the residents of Clota Cottage ~ September 11

Here is a report from TD Carol Johnsen, thanks Carol, and thank you to all who helped out, including Khwanjai Thammaping who supplied the pics.
Thirty players enjoyed the spacious and comfortable atmosphere of the gymnasium at the Toorak campus of Geelong Grammar where Ann Hagley hosted a tournament to raise funds for the aged hearing-impaired people at the Clota Cottage Community House, of which she is President.

Regular photographer Khwanjai Thammaping
with Patricia Mitchell

Dorothy Barraclough and Glen Chandler
relax between games

Meg Henderson and Jenny Brysha play a serious
game in Division A.
There was a cake stall and a raffle with the first prize of a hamper full of marvellous goodies, including wine, glasses, chocolates, Patricia Cornwall novel, etc. going to Dianne Gibson. Second and third prizes were facial massages courtesy of our own Khwanjai Thammaping – won by one female (Patricia Mitchell) and one male (Rob York). Ann was happy to report that over $700 clear was raised which would go towards a couple of nights’ accommodation for an outing for the Clota Cottage users. And it was lovely to have our "official" photographer back from her 8 months in Thailand once again. Khwanjai had made an interesting cake from agar and coconut which Doug Ristic was anxious to take home and savour.

Dieter Jedamski, first in Division B, with
Carol Johnsen, winner Division A

Rob York with Ian and Ann Hagley,
co-organisers of the tournament

Winner of the lovely hamper, Dianne Gibson. All
goods donated by the members of Clota Cottage
First place in the 7 game (25 minutes each) tournament went to Carol Johnsen, delighted by her first-ever Melbourne tournament win – a few seconds but never the major prize. Those half-points when there is a draw really count in the end! Second and third places were filled by Geoff Wright and Leif Cooper respectively. High Game was recorded by Natasha Podesser with a score of 490 points, and Cheryle Jerram found the unusual word PRECHILL worth 98 points to win the High Word prize.
In Division B first place went to Dieter Jedamski, with Anne Menheere and Khwanjai close behind. Sandra Masel achieved an excellent score of 548 to win the High Game award, and also played QUAVERS for 108 points to win the High Word for the section.
Excellent ratings gains were achieved by Anne Menheere +51, Dieter Jedamski +42, and Carol Johnsen and Elizabeth McKean who both gained 34 points. Well played, everyone. To see the full results click HERE

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The second World Youth Fundraiser ~ September 4 2011

Anand Bharadwaj

Jayden Kuhne
Forty players attended this event, with many regulars busy with family and Father's Day activities, but those who made it appeared to enjoy the seven games played. Once again the families of Jayden Kuhne and Anand Bharadwaj helped enormously with the organisation of the tournament. Jay's mum Tania provided a lovely selection of homemade goodies including her now-famous lemon meringue ice cream, Anand's mum Lalitha deftly handled the computer duties, and his dad Kannan filled in as the standby player, playing very good scrabble and victorious in his section. We welcomed a new player, Susan Larsen from Canada. Susan is visiting relatives in Melbourne and has already played at several clubs, and thoroughly enjoyed her first tournament and meeting more of the Scrabble fraternity.

Gwen Lampre v Geoff Wright at Table 1, Susan
Larsen v Mary Mackie at 20. Click to enlarge

Division A: Lois Binnie, Anand Bharadwaj,
Barry Harridge, Geoff Wright

Division B: Jenny Brysha, Kashi Ross &
Lorraine Thomas
Division A saw Geoff Wright in excellent form, finishing in first place with 6 wins ahead of Anand Bharadwaj and Barry Harridge, both on 5 wins. Geoff scored 520 to win the High Game award, and Lois Binnie made a very nice play "BEGOTTEN" for 158 points to take home the High Word award.
Division B was won by Kashi Ross, followed by Lorraine Thomas and Jenny Brysha - all won 5 games, with Kashi just four margin points ahead of Lorraine, a very tight contest indeed. Kashi scored 562 to record the High Game, and also played "CAVALIER" for 158 points to win the High Word award. Well done, Kashi, a great tournament.
Division C saw Kannan Sethuraman emerge the winner, the only player to win 7 games for the tournament, a very difficult goal to achieve. Second on 6 wins was Dorothy Rice, with Stephanie Saunders third on 5 wins. Dorothy scored 511 to achieve the High Game award, and Elizabeth McKean played "SINKING" for 114 points to win High Word for the section.

Division C: Kannan Sethuraman, Dorothy Rice,
Stephanie Saunders, Elizabeth McKean

Relaxing between games, Katie Rowe and
Anand catch up with the news

Our international visitor from Vancouver,
Canada - Susan Larsen
Excellent ratings gains were achieved by Kannan Sethuraman and Barry Harridge who both gained 55 points, Geoff Wright +42, and Lorraine Thomas +37. Well played everyone, and thank you to all for the spirit in which you played the tournament.
Also thank you to all players, on behalf of Anand and Jayden and families, for your help and support. So far your efforts have raised around $2000 towards their travel expenses, and this will increase as the Essendon Club are planning to donate the proceeds from their tournament later this month to the fund, and there will also be a raffle at this event. Special thanks go to our members Dorothy Barraclough and Ruth Fewings, who work tirelessly every year to support our young players, your efforts are appreciated.
To see the full results of the latest Fundraiser click HERE

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Vale Mavis Jones ~ 31/08/2011

Mavis in 2009
Thank you to Tam Dasika for letting me know the sad news that Mavis passed away on Wednesday. She was a gentle lady with a lovely Welsh accent, and a member of ASPA Vic for many years. Mavis was also the convenor of the Waverley Club for quite some time, and had played over 600 tournaments. Her last tournament appearance was at the Langwarrin event in March, and as always she enjoyed the challenge of the games, and the company of friends. Mavis' funeral will take place on Monday September 5th at the Le Pine Chapel at 1603 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh at 10am. Rest in peace, Mavis.

Coming soon ~ the Australian Masters and State Team Challenge

Andrew Fisher

Naween Fernando

Peter Kougi

Trevor Halsall

Norma Fisher, Anand Bharadwaj, Marj Miller
These two great tournaments take place concurrently in Adelaide on September 10/11, and we have a total of seven players heading over to South Australia. Andrew Fisher, Naween Fernando, Peter Kougi and Trevor Halsall will compete in the prestigious and challenging Australian Masters against many of Australia's best players. Peter is the current Masters Champ and is looking forward to defending his title.
The Team Challenge is fought out by teams of three from each of the states and territories, and this year Victoria is represented by Anand Bharadwaj, Norma Fisher and me. Anyone interested in following the events should be able to do so as Barry Harridge is travelling over to do the reporting and the webwork.
More news will follow after the event, and if you would like to see the full list of players click HERE
This link will also allow you to follow the happenings during the events.

The Ballarat Winter Tournament ~ August 27 2011

Thirty-six players arrived on a lovely almost-spring day to compete in this 6-game event, ably organised each year by Tess Robinson and her family, together with Jennifer McLeod and the Ballarat Club members. As always players were treated to many homemade delights, including soup and sandwiches for lunch, which added greatly to the enjoyment of the day.

Division A: Heather Long, Lainie Mercieca,
Harry Malcolm

Division B: Glen Chandler, Roslyn Murphy, Chris
Sitka, Carol Hoffmann, Lorraine Thomas

Division C: Donna McKay, Jan Bidwell, Nobby
Clark, Kaye Campbell
In Division A the happy winner was Lainie Mercieca on five wins. Lainie has now played just 42 tournament games under the auspices of Scrabble Victoria, but is a very experienced online player. Well done Lainie - as they say every picture tells a story! Second place went to Harry Malcolm who is now starting to play more tournaments, followed by Heather Long in third place, both on four wins. Harry also took home the High Game and High Word Awards, with a game score of 543 points and 131 for his play of ANTICOLD.
Division B was won by Lorraine Thomas on five wins, a good result indeed. Second and third places were filled by Chris Sitka and Glen Chandler on four wins each. Roslyn Murphy scored 524 to take home the High Game Award, and Carol Hoffmann played SKIABLE for 99 points to win the High Word Award.
Division C was dominated by local players, with Kaye Campbell first on five wins, followed by Donna McKay and Nobby Clark on four wins. Nobby played ASPIRED to win the High Word Award, and Jan Bidwell scored 452 to win the High Game Award.
The highest rating gain for the day was achieved by Lainie Mercieca who increased her provisional rating by 93, and well done to the following for gaining some well-deserved points: Kaye Campbell +46, Glen Chandler +27, and Lorraine Thomas and Mary McMahon who both gained 23 points.
Thanks to the Ballarat Club for running this event, Katie Rowe for the pics, and to all who helped in any capacity to make the day so enjoyable. Click HERE to see the full results

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The Midwinter/A.G.M. Tournament ~ August 14

Towards the end of the day.
Click to enlarge
Sixty players took part in this annual free tournament, with most attending the Annual General Meeting during the luncheon break. As there were no further nominations for Committee positions the current Committee members were all reelected for the coming 12 months.

The top tables, during Game 7.
Click to enlarge
The members present passed two motions - Victoria has now adopted the National Rules in full, and membership fees will increase to $20 per annum from July next year.
Tournament Director Carol Johnsen welcomed our interstate visitors, namely Elize Plaganyi and Robyn Corbel from Queensland, and Edward Okulicz from New South Wales. Edward is still involved behind-the-scenes in the production of the third series of Letters & Numbers, and it was good to have three of our World Championship representatives playing - and not surprisingly they lived up to their awesome reputations!
Masters saw these three fill the the first three placings - Andrew Fisher first, Trevor Halsall second, and Edward third. Trevor played six bonus words in one of his games - CYTOSInE, DIABETIC, DARNINGS, SHORTIA, BANDEROL, PEANUTs - to score 566 and take home the High Game award, and Andrew Fisher scored 194 points for AFEBRILE to achieve the High Word award on the day. Andrew was trailing in this game against Lois Binnie, who ended up lamenting having played RAVINES instead of AVENIRS which would have denied Andrew the opportunity to find his nine-timer, and given Lois the win.

Trevor Halsall's six bonuses, versus
Heather Long - Click to enlarge

Andrew Fisher versus Lois Binnie
Click to enlarge

Masters: Trevor Halsall, Edward Okulicz &
Andrew Fisher
Advanced was won by Dianne Davis on 6 wins, a game clear of Dianne Gibson and Peter Bauer in second and third places respectively. Patricia Mitchell played a great game to score 515 for the High Game award, and Dieter Jedamski took home the High Word award for playing NARTJIES, valued at 112 points.
Intermediate saw Theresa Scicluna in good form, winning six games and finishing ahead of Marlene Ellis and Lorna Patching, both on four wins. The High Game award went to Marjorie Clark for a score of 487, and Marlene played GRAZERS for 109 points to take the High Word award back to Geelong.
Recreation saw Latha Weerakkody triumphant, winning 6 games ahead of a resurgent Nobby Clark in second place and Heather from the Cranbourne Club third. Glenys Dettmann scored 426 to achieve the High Game award, and Heather played GRAVITY to win the High Game award for the section.

Advanced: Trish Mitchell, Peter Bauer,
Dianne Gibson, Dieter Jedamski

Intermediate: Marjorie Clark with the
winner, Theresa Scicluna

Recreation: Heather, Nobby Clark &
Latha Weerakkody
Impressive ratings gains were achieved by Latha Weerakkody +52, Geoff Gittus +45, Dianne Davis +41, Kris Howat +41, Nobby Clark +38, Heather Long +32, Theresa Scicluna +31 and Dianne Gibson +30.
Thank you to all who assisted in making the tournament a pleasant event, as always your help was appreciated. Click HERE to see the full results

Vale Joyce McCombe ~ January 27 1927 ~ August 12 2011

Joyce in 2010
Joyce was a member of the Geelong Club for many years, and travelled regularly to play in tournaments. Her gentle personality and dry Scottish sense of humour endeared her to all, and it was always a pleasure to sit across the board from her as never a cross word was spoken. Joyce played her final tournament at Ballarat in August last year, and prior to that was presented with her badge marking 1000 tournament games played. She is survived by her daughter, stepson and stepdaughter, and several cherished grandchildren, who were often mentioned in conversation by their adoring gran. Rest in peace, Joyce.

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Harry Malcolm is the 2011 Country Champion!

Thirty-four players travelled to Daylesford to compete in this event, ably organised by Clive and Jan Rutherford as part of the annual Daylesford Words in Winter Festival which attracts many visitors to the area each year. Debbie Hoffmann and Margot Burns took part in their first tournament, and hopefully enjoyed the experience. Chile Malcolm dropped in for lunch with Lovelia and Zev who were in fine form, enjoying the company of the players.

A Division: Peter Bauer 2, Champ Harry Malcolm,
Mary McMahon 3

B Division: Donna McKay 2, Marlene Ellis 1,
Carol Hoffmann 3

Division C: Marcia Beggs 3, Raelene Owen 2,
Robin Dettmann 1
The Championship was won by Harry Malcolm from Warburton on 5 wins, ahead on margin alone from Peter Bauer, with Mary McMahon third on 4 wins. Peter scored 488 to win the High Game award, and Katie Rowe played "SQUARER" for 105 points to achieve the award for High Word.
Division B was won by Marlene Ellis from the Geelong Club on 5 wins, a game clear of Donna McKay and Carol Hoffmann. High Game went to Donna for a score of 495, and Jan Bidwell played "EMPLOYS" for 89 to win the High Word award.
In Division C Robin Dettmann from Kyneton and Raelene Owen both scored 5 wins, with Robin ahead on margin, and Marcia Beggs filling third place on 4 wins. Robin scored 422 to claim the High Game award, and the High Word award went to Ian Martin for "CARTING".
Congratulations to Harry, Marlene and Robin and all the award winners, well done. Thanks to Mary McMahon and Katie Rowe for your help with transporting the resources and handling the computer work (and for the pics, Katie), and thanks again to Clive and Jan for organising the event, your hard work is truly appreciated.
To check the full results of the tournament click HERE

The Nunawading Tournament ~ July 24 2011

This four section tournament attracted 52 players, and was an enjoyable event for those who attended. Lalitha Sundaresan did an excellent job on computer duty, and many enjoyed the lovely cakes and goodies supplied by Nunawading Club Convenor Cheryle Jerram. We welcomed two interstate visitors, Robyn Corbel from Queensland and David More from NSW. We also welcomed a visit from Chile and Harry Malcolm and their lovable twins Lovelia and Zev - both are growing and developing beautifully.

Happy Lovelia with her ice cream, and Zev
looking more pensive Click to enlarge

Masters: Rod Casey (1), Leif Cooper High Game,
Anand Bharadwaj (3), Michael Rubinstein (2)

Advanced: John Parker (2), June Valentine High
Word, Julie Belle (1), Kris Howat (3)
After seven games Masters saw an excellent win to Rod Casey, winning six games and achieving a margin of 554 points, the best for the day. A rapidly improving Michael Rubinstein filled second place, with Anand Bharadwaj placing third. Leif Cooper took home the High Game award with a great score of 581, and the High Word award went to Ian Newton who played "RESISTER" for 131 points.
First place in Advanced went to Julie Belle who had a great day's scrabble, winning six games and finishing ahead of John Parker who also won 6 games, followed by Kris Howat on 5 wins. John also scored 504 to achieve the High Game award, with June Valentine scoring 95 for "SCREWED" to win the High Word prize.
The finishing order in Intermediatewas tight, with Carol Mascitti first on 5 wins, Dorothy Barraclough also on 5 wins, and Dieter Jedamski on 4.5 wins, ahead of four other players on four wins. What a difference a draw can make to the results! The High Game award went to Dorothy Rice for a fine score of 535, and Rob York's play of "THINNERS" for 140 was the highest word score across all sections on the day.
Recreation was won by Marjorie Clark on margin alone - all placegetters won 5 games, with Arjun Haria and Marisa Nuccitelli filling second and third places respectively. Marjorie also won the High Game award for a score of 492, and Arj played "TRIPODS" for 85 to win the High Game for the section.

Inter: Rob York (HW), Dorothy Barraclough (2), Dot
Rice (HG), Dieter Jedamski (3), Carol Mascitti (1)

Recreation: Arjun Haria (2) & HW, Marjorie
Clark (1) & HG,Marisa Nucitelli (3)

The ice cream queue, headed by Mary
McMahon, Lorna Patching & Robyn Corbel
Impressive ratings gains for the day were achieved by Julie Belle +61, John Parker +59, Rod Casey +48, Kris Howat +40, Michael Rubinstein +35 and Carol Mascitti +33. Congratulations to all placegetters on the day, great results for you all.
Cheryle and the Nunawading Club members thank all who assisted and helped to make the day a success, it was really appreciated.
Click HERE to see the full results

2011 Matchplay - Andrew Fisher wins!

Well done, Andrew, another good result, and probably not an easy match against Peter in the final showdown.
Andrew Fisher 3
Peter Kougi 3
Anand Bharadwaj 3
Julian McKail 3
Naween Fernando 3
Trevor Halsall 3
Natasha Podesser 3
Leif Cooper 2
Katie Rowe 0
Barry Harridge 0
Cheryle Jerram 1
Paula Messer 0
Lois Binnie 0
Lainie Mercieca 1
Oliver Podesser 0
Rob York 3
Andrew Fisher 3
Rob York 1
Julian McKail 3
Trevor Halsall 0
Peter Kougi 3
Natasha Podesser 0
Anand Bharadwaj 0
Naween Fernando 3
Andrew Fisher 4
Julian McKail 1
Peter Kougi 4
Naween Fernando 3
Andrew Fisher 5
Peter Kougi 0
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The World Youth Fundraiser ~ July 10 2011

During Game One - Glenys Dettmann and Ann Goodwin
checking a challenge. Click to enlarge
Fifty keen players gathered to do battle and assist in raising funds to support our two young players who will take part in the World Youth Championship in Malaysia in December. Both Jayden Kuhne and Anand Bharadwaj competed in Masters, and by a strange coincidence were drawn to play each other in the opening round. Anand emerged the victor by just four points after a hard-fought game, and both boys claimed some worthy scalps during the day's play. The majority of the work on the day was done by Anand's dad Kannan who handled the entries and filled in as the standby player, his mum Lalitha who did her usual very competent job on the computer, and Jay's mum who kept everyone well fed on the day with a lovely variety of savoury and sweet delights, topped off by delicious homemade lemon meringue ice cream.

Miran Fernando
These contributions kept expenses for the day to a minimum, and following some very generous donations and fundraising efforts by members (Ruth Fewings organised a challenging anagram puzzle, and Dorothy Barraclough produced some beautifully made scrabble bags which sold well) the total raised at the end of the day was $1052. Thank you to all on behalf of the two families for your generosity, it is really appreciated. We welcomed Miran Fernando (no relation to Naween!) to his first tournament, which he enjoyed. We first met Miran as part of the Haileybury College Scrabble group, and I'm sure he'll return to play further tournaments.

Anand Bharadwaj plays Jay Kuhne in Game One
Click to enlarge

The game between Anand (400) and Jayden
(396) Click to enlarge

The Masters gurus - Natasha Podesser, Anand
Bharadwaj, Michael Rubinstein, Barry Harridge
Masters turned out to be a cakewalk for Barry Harridge who won all 7 games, an amazing comeback after a falling-out with the Tile Fairy and some less-than-good health. Good to see you back in form, Barry. Anand placed second, with the wily Geoff Wright third. Michael Rubinstein collected the High Game Award for a score of 553, and the High Word Award went to Natasha Podesser who played "ANOREXIC" for 101. The donated prizes were inexpensive chocolates, but no-one seemed to mind not receiving the usual cash prizes.
Advanced saw Ian Newton play a great tournament to place first, followed by Carmel Doney and Cheryle Jerram in second and third places respectively. Carmel achieved the High Game Award (521) and Paula Messer played "SQUIRTS" for 120 to win the High Word chocolate.

The prizewinners in Advanced - Paula Messer,
Cheryle Jerram, Carmel Doney, Ian Newton

The Intermediate Champions - Gillian Renwick,
Kannan Sethuraman, Dorothy Rice, Tam Dasika

The stars of Recreation - Elizabeth McKean &
Glenys Dettmann

In Intermediate Tam Dasika had a great day to place first, and it was good to see his grandsons Niran and Sol back playing their second tournament. Dorothy Rice came in second, and Kannan Sethuraman, who claimed he was "out of practice", placed third. Gillian Renwick scored 554 to win the High Word, and Dorothy Rice's play of "BRUSQUE" for 110 gained her the High Word Award.
Recreation saw Marlene Ellis in fine form, winning six games to place first ahead of Glenys Dettmann and Elizabeth McKean, with Glenys achieving both the High Game and High Word awards in game four, scoring 518 and playing the nine-timer "MINCIEST" for 158, the best for the day. Nice play, Glenys.
Impressive ratings gains were achieved by Barry Harridge +88, Tam Dasika +56, Elizabeth McKean +55, and Ian Newton +43. Well done to all placegetters and players, it was a pleasant day which everyone seemed to enjoy.
To check the full results of the tournament click HERE

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The W.S.C. Fundraiser ~ June 26 2011

Naween Fernando (3), Peter Kougi (2)
Andrew Fisher (1)

Norma Fisher
After some withdrawals due to winter ills and chills forty-six players gathered to compete in this open event to raise some funds to assist our five Victorians with their expenses when they travel to Poland to compete in the World Scrabble Championship in mid-October. A team of seven Aussies will compete, namely Edward Okulicz and Chris May from NSW, and our local players David Eldar, Andrew Fisher, Naween Fernando, Peter Kougi and Trevor Halsall. We received apologies from David and Trevor who were unable to attend, but the remaining three were in devastating form, taking out the first three placings on the day - Andrew first, Peter second and Naween third.
In Game 6 Norma Fisher played six bonus words to give her the High Game score for the day - 652. Her six bingos were OBELISE 74, EQUALED 82, FLUORINE 63, DIRTIEST 82, WOMANISE 92 and POTTAGE 72.

Geoff Wright
However, in her next game Norma faced up to Naween, who proceeded to play six bonus words against her, finishing the game in just ten moves - PAGANISE 63, RECONVEY 86, PLAINISH 89, UNDERLET 70, DECIDUA 80 and WIFTIER 84. Naween also had two high-scoring non-bingos - ZEMSTVO 42 and AZOTED 53. Norma's last rack included the Q and X but she was able to at least use the X for 45.
Geoff Wright's play of STEWABLE for 107 points was the highest word played for the day, and notable ratings gains were achieved by Jenny Brysha (+77) and Katie Rowe (+49). Jenny's gain won her the Ratings Band prize (1100-1300) and the Ratings Band prize (500-1099) was awarded to Irlande Alfred for her rating gain of +39. Well done to all.
Everyone enjoyed the array of food supplied by the committee, and attractively served by Jack Miller who was on KP duty for the day. Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the day, particularly Tournament Director Carol Johnsen who kept the day moving at a cracking pace!
To see the full results of the tournament click HERE

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The Vic Champs and Queen's Birthday Event - June 11-13 2011

Front: Champion Trevor Halsall & Julian McKail.
Rear: Garth van Vliet, Esther Perrins, Karen Richards,
Richard Jeremy, Andrew Fisher. Click to enlarge
48 keen players took part in this exciting Championship, with play getting underway on the first day practically on time, as it did on Days 2 and 3, and we thank all players for being so punctual. We welcomed many interstate players, and remain delighted by your attendance.

This event was particularly intriguing as the outcome was likely to impact on the composition of the team to travel to Poland in October for the World Scrabble Championship. Victorian players Julian McKail and Trevor Halsall, together with Richard Jeremy from the ACT were vying for the final place in the team with the fourth contender, Alastair Richards from NSW, unable to play due to exam commitments. The result was uncertain until the final game, and when this was done Trevor emerged as the 2011 Victorian Champion, but with a spot in the WSC not quite secure.

Game 6 on the first day - Andrew Fisher battles
Richard Jeremy at Table 1, watched by
"Quick Nick" Ivanovski. Angie Pearse plays
Rob York at Table 11. Click to enlarge

The qualifying period concludes on June 30, and Alastair is playing in Wollongong today (June 18) where he will possibly improve his standing. I'm uncertain whether or not Richard is planning to play again prior to June 30, but Julian is heading overseas and doesn't plan to play any further tournaments prior to his departure. It has been an interesting tussle, with the final berth not yet finalised.

Second placing in the Championship went to local star Andrew Fisher, with Julian McKail third, Richard Jeremy fourth and Karen Richards from NSW fifth. A brilliant game was played by Esther Perrins from NSW to achieve the High Game award with a score of 667, and newcomer to the country Garth van Vliet from South Africa played DRAWLING for a score of 194 to take the High Word award home to NSW. Excellent ratings gains were achieved by Karen Richards (+106), Trevor Halsall (+82), Michael Rubinstein (+66) and Cheryle Jerram (+47).

Players waiting for the presentations to begin
Click to enlarge

Garth van Vliet v Mal Eden ~
Garth played 4 bonus words in his
first 6 moves, with Mal playing
SETTEES. Click to enlarge
The Queen's Birthday holiday saw a further 52 players arrive to compete in the annual tournament, and to this event we welcomed four new players - Niran and Sol Dasika, grandsons of well known Victorian scrabble identities Sita and Tam Dasika, Rena Aitken who is best known to us as the mother of our committee member Jenny Brysha, and Tim Phillips who came with friend Elizabeth McKean, both of whom play at the Geelong Club. Computer operator Lalitha Sundaresan expertly produced the draws in time for the QB players to start in unison with the second Championship game of the day, and both events ran side by side for the rest of the day, finishing about the same time.

Division A saw an excellent performance from Jayden Kuhne who will represent Australia at the World Youth Champs in Malaysia in December. Other placings went to Matte Dunn and Natasha Podesser, with June Valentine achieving the High Game award for a score of 508 and Bridget Halge playing MORALIST for 140 to win the High Word award.
In Division B an in-form Janet Bau won all 6 games to place first, followed by Dieter Jedamski and Gillian Renwick, with Dorothy Rice achieving the High Game award for a game score of 541, and Sandra Masel played LOUSIEST for 122 to win the High Word award.
Novice Tim Phillips overcame his initial nervousness to outplay all in Division C, winning all 6 games and achieving a provisional rating of 1319, well done Tim. Latha Weerakkody placed second, with Jean de Neef gaining third placing. Our visitor from South Australia Paula Brown scored 469 to achieve the High Game award, and Judith Westwood played GULLEYS for 105 to take home the High Word award. Apart from Tim Phillips excellent initial rating notable ratings gains were recorded by Janet Bau (+51) and Jay Kuhne (+54).

Sandra Masel and Norma Fisher presenting
the awards

Queen's Bithday, Division A:
June Valentine and Jayden Kuhne

Division B: Dieter Jedamski, Janet Bau,
Sandra Masel, Dorothy Rice

Division C: Paula Brown, Jean de Neef, Latha
Weerakkody, Judith Westwood, Tim Phillips

Tam Dasika watches new player & grandson
Sol Dasika play Nobby Clarke

New players Rena Aitken and Niran Dasika
do battle in Game 3
Well done to all in both events for some brilliant plays, and also the pleasant manner in which all players conducted themselves - a few minor adjudications were required over the weekend, but the general atmosphere was one of camaraderie and lovely civilised behaviour! Thank you to all who helped to make the weekend a success, your assistance is appreciated by all.

To see the full results of the Championship click HERE

And to see the full results of the Queen's Birthday Tournament click HERE

The Cranbourne Tournament ~ May 22 2011

First tournament for Heather
Thanks to Katie Rowe and the Cranbourne Club members for organising this event, it was a very enjoyable day and all players appreciated the delicious home-cooked food. Here is a report form Katie - thanks, Katie.

Sixty players turned up (eventually) at the spacious Langwarrin Community Centre, for the 7-match tournament. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong: late arrivals, just as the draw had been generated; last-minute withdrawals from players who had succumbed to the cold weather; two players who had to leave after Game 2 for a family emergency, creating uneven numbers in two sections; sudden noise from a locked room which sounded like an explosion brewing; and many happy but very noisy children in the corridor outside. Barry Harridge worked miracles with Au Pair, and the Cranbourne Club stalwarts provided so much delicious hot and cold food - including Irlande Alfred's Impossible Pie - that the day was saved. But despite the mishaps some great achievements were managed. Trevor Halsall, fresh from 3rd in the Australian Nationals, took out first place with 6 games, chased by Julian McKail and Marj Miller both with 5 games. Carmel Doney collected 44 points from her victory in the Advanced section, with only a 14-point advantage over John Parker, and Ian Newton was 3rd with 5 games.

Masters: Leif Cooper High Word "TECHIES" 104,
Marj Miller 3rd, Trevor Halsall 1st

Advanced: Carmel Doney 1st, John Parker
2nd and High Word "MOISTING" 131

Inter: Dorothy Rice, with Gillian Stevens 1st -
in fine form, winning all 7 games
Gillian Stevens returned after a 5-year hiatus to conquer all in the Intermediate section, winning all 7 games , with Mal Eden 2nd and Carol Mascitti 3rd. Mal also took home the High Game prize with 475. In Recreation Marisa Nuccitelli won 6 of her games to beat Geoff Gittus in 2nd place, also with 6 games, and Gianna Devcic in 3rd. Geoff commented later that it was his first prize ever. Irlande Alfred had the unique experience of playing in two sections, as a result of Barry's brilliance with the computer - she moved from Recreation after two games to even up the numbers in Intermediate. It probably disadvantaged her but she took it all with her usual aplomb. All up another great day. The raffle raised $76 for WYSC entrants. Thanks to all the Langwarrin and Cranbourne club members who contributed so much in so many ways, and special thanks to Sara from Cranbourne who worked magic in the kitchen.

To see the full results of the tournament click HERE

Recreation: Marisa Nuccitelli 1st, Geoff Gittus
2nd, Ann Goodwin High Game 456

Nunawading Club players - Lorraine Thomas,
June Valentine, Cheryle Jerram

Relaxing at lunchtime - Dieter Jedamski,
Gillian Renwick, Carmel Doney

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The National Championship & Plate ~ April 23/24/25

Tournament Director Doctor Wilma Vialle, with
Martin Waterworth NRO Click to enlarge

Most of the Victorian competitors
Click to enlarge
This exciting event took place over Easter in Canberra, our nation's capital in the Australian Capital Territory, and was ably organised by a small but dedicated band of A.C.T players. Thank you to Tim, Owen, Christine, Barbara and all for your hard work. Also thank you to TD Wilma Vialle, National Ratings Officer Martin Waterworth, and various others who assisted with early printer and computer problems.
The Eastlakes Club in Griffith proved a suitable venue, despite a distracting fire alarm which disturbed the concentration of some on the first day. Tasty meals and snacks served throughout the weekend added to the enjoyment, capped off by a very pleasant celebration dinner on Monday evening.

The 2011 Australian Champion,
Chris May

Peter Kougi 677, Naween Fernando
387 Click to enlarge
Ninety-six players competed in the Championship whilst fifty-six battled out the Plate. As always some were happier with their results than others, but I'm sure all enjoyed the weekend.
Norma Fisher was delighted to play HAGRIDER (a word meaning someone afflicted with worry, dread, need or the like; torment - perhaps applicable to some Scrabble players?) which anagrams to the surname of one of Victoria's favourite Scrabble players, Barry Harridge.

The standings at the top of the Championship list changed throughout the tournament, with Andrew Fisher (VIC) the leader after Day 1, and Richard Jeremy (ACT) on top after Day 2. A tough final round required Chris May (NSW) to defeat Andrew and Ryan Anderson (QLD) to conquer the Round 23 leader Naween Fernando (VIC) to allow Chris to achieve his dream of becoming the 2011 Australian Champion. This is exactly what happened and we congratulate Chris on an excellent and long-awaited win, a very worthy champion. Naween placed second, Trevor Halsall (VIC) third and Richard Jeremy fourth.
Richard Birch (NSW) played APPENDED for a great score of 176 to take home the High Word award. The High Game award for the event went to Peter Kougi (VIC) for a score of 677 against Naween, and if you would like to play through the game click HERE

Tim Reddan with Naween Fernando, 2nd

During the day - Trevor Halsall, 3rd

Richard Jeremy, 4th, with Tim

Michael McKenna 5th, with Tim

Tim with Ryan Anderson, 6th

With Cheah Siu Hean from Singapore, 7th
The Plate was a very keenly-fought affair, with Raya Wilkinson (NSW) rising through the ranks and emerging the victor ahead of Yvonne Edwards (NSW) and Patti Ashwin (QLD) with Julie Belle (VIC) fourth. The High Game award went to Heather Sorensen (ACT) for a score of 556, and Liz Jackman (NSW) played CLASSIER for 131 points to win the High Word award, a classy play indeed.

With Raya Wilkinson, Plate winner

Jenny Brysha with Julie Belle, 4th in the Plate

Some happy Vic diners - click to enlarge
Some brilliant ratings gains were achieved, notably by Keri Heart (TAS) 112 points, John Spaan (ACT) 110, Dianne Brumby (TAS) 109, and Michael Rubinstein (VIC) 108, whilst Raya gained 100 points for her win in the Plate. Two of our young players deserve special mention - Michael McKenna (NSW) had a brilliant tournament, placing 5th in the Championship and gaining 148 points, as well as receiving the award for the junior player with the highest rating gain over the three days. Anand Bharadwaj (VIC) was excited to be playing in his first Nationals and placed 11th as well as picking up 95 rating points, an excellent result from one yet to reach his 11th birthday.
Congratulations to all the placegetters, and to all who competed for making the tournament such an enjoyable event - we hope to see many of you in Hobart next year!
To check the full results of the Championship click HERE, and to see the results of the Plate click HERE

The Matchplay Kickoff ~ April 10 2011

Naween Fernando 3rd, Andrew Fisher 1st
Trevor Halsall High Word & High Game
Natasha Podesser 2nd Click to enlarge
Here is a report from the Tournament Organiser, Peter Kougi - thanks, Peter, and thanks to Katie Rowe for supplying the photos.
Forty-four took part in the 5th Victorian Matchplay qualifier event, which was first conceived by Matte Dunn in 2005. Andrew Fisher triumphed, winning 7 out of 8. Natasha claimed the scalps of highly-rated Naween Fernando and Trevor Halsall, capping a fantastic day in which she finished in 2nd place. Naween clinched 3rd, and rating band prizes were awarded to Gillian Renwick (best rated under 1100) and Wayne Stoyan (best rated from 1100 - 1400)

Post Mortem - Andrew Fisher & Trevor Halsall, with
Naween Fernando, Peter Bauer, Lorraine Thomas,
Geoff Wright & Norma Fisher Click to enlarge
Trevor and Julian McKail, both of whom are vying for the 7th and final WSC spot, played out a high-scoring thriller, with Trevor prevailing 618-455. Trevor got down BASILECT for 158. These scores earned Trevor both the high game and high word awards. Meanwhile Rob York was thrilled to have played four bonuses in one game.
We welcomed two novices, Alan Milne and Lainie Mercieca, who are both experienced online players. Both enjoyed their first tournament and earned impressive ratings. Norma did a fantastic job making sure players were well fed, and Lalitha was reliable as ever with entering results into the computer. Apart from an uncooperative printer, the tournament ran smoothly. The draw for the Matchplay segment of the competition will be devised shortly and players involved will be notified.

To check the full results of the tournament click HERE

New player Lainie Mercieca

Our other new player, Alan Milne

Paula Messer plays Lainie, with Geoff Wright

The 2011 Tri-State Challenge ~ April 2/3

The Vics - back: Heather Long, Harry Malcolm,
Peter Bauer, Carmel Doney, Carol Mascitti,
Dorothy Barraclough, Doug Ristic. Front: Carol
Johnsen, Norma Fisher, Naween Fernando
Click to enlarge
Players from three states took part - ACT fielded a team of four, NSW had eight, and Victoria ten. The outcome of the games played between the various state reps saw Victoria in first place, winning 70.3%. Second place went to the NSW team on 47.2% and the ACT won 31.7% to place third. The only downer for the weekend was the disappearance of a set of tiles belonging to Scrabble Victoria, and if you happen to find these amongst your scrabble gear we would appreciate their return. Thanks to all who helped at the weekend including Colleen Walker who supplied the pics, and a special thank you to Carol Johnsen who was the chief organiser, directed and ran the tournament, finished in third place and has written the following report. Well done, Carol

The NSW team - back: Greg Pinchbeck, David
More, Don Hadley, George Khamis. Front: Arie
Holla, Colleen Walker, La'Reine Lang, Jacky
Booth Click to enlarge
Wagga Wagga provided the perfect weather weekend for the challenge with blue skies and an average of 25C each day. As usual, the town was busy with various exhibitions and a "march out" (graduation) happening at the nearby Army depot at Kapooka. Our venue, the William Farrer Hotel, was just around the corner from the railway station and with a good bistro, pokies, TAB and a lovely light function room for us it was really good (but noisy in the night when the DJ started up at 9pm - until 1pm) - it is just something that you look back on and laugh about. It reminded some of us of State Challenge tournaments at the Dimboola Hotel in years gone by.

The ACT players: Tim Reddan, Caroline Scowcroft
Christine Foot, Anne Schick Click to enlarge
The presence of Naween Fernando provided a challenge for all of us and it is pretty sad when he was expected to win more than 9 out of 10 games in order not to lose any points! Heather Long was the one who defeated him (and she also lost points, whilst placing 2nd). Whilst ACT and NSW players were low-rated compared to half of the Victorian players, they faced up to the challenge and showed great gamesmanship and joviality throughout the tournament. Whilst the number of players was small at 22 we had a very enjoyable and competitive tournament and we all look forward to next year when either NSW or the ACT will be the organiser.
The Leisure Section was mainly composed of Wagga Wagga and Tumut players but 2 competitors, Sharon Worthing and Liam Hackett from Kempsey competed to get a taste of a tournament and acquitted themselves well. They are both keen to carry on. The local newspaper the Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser did a good piece on us which was kindly arranged by Norm Byng of the Wagga Wagga Club.
To read the article click HERE
and to see the full results of the tournament click HERE

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The Langwarrin Tournament ~ March 20 2011

Great concentration required! Carole Eden
on the left Click to enlarge

The pleasant venue at the Langwarrin
Community Centre Click on pic to enlarge
Fifty-eight keen competitors took part in this annual event which was very competently organised (and catered for!) by the members of the Langwarrin Scrabble Club which meets on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the Langwarrin Community Centre - a great place for a good game or two. Here is a report from the Tournament Director Carol Johnsen - thanks, Carol.

A very pleasant autumnal day encouraged many players to spend the breaks outside at this comfortable venue. Meanwhile inside, the atmosphere was also very pleasant with many players from the Mornington Peninsula taking advantage of the closeness of the venue to play in a tournament, including Krina Clark from the Langwarrin Club playing in her first tournament though she had been a helper at nearly every Langwarrin Tournament since its inception (11 years ago). The Langwarrin Club is a very strong Club under the guidance of Geoff Gittus and, once again, the members contributed to a smooth tournament.

Masters 1st & High Game David Eldar,
with long-time friend Barry Harridge

Norma Fisher Masters 3rd, Ray Alford High Word,
Gwen Lampre 2nd

Advanced: Ian Newton 1st, Leif Cooper 2nd,
Paula Messer High Word, Angie Pearse 3rd
David Eldar played in his last qualifying tournament (for National selection) before returning overseas which made for a tight, but very interesting, field in the Masters Section. Needless to say, David carried off 1st Place and he also scored the Highest Game (575) - congratulations. An infrequent visitor (Ian Newton) fared well on the day and pipped Leif Cooper (in his 2nd tournament) in the Advanced Section. Ian says that, work permitting, he is hoping to attend more tournaments.

Intermediate: Front - Stephanie Saunders 1st,
Marjorie Page 2nd, Mark Cole 3 & High Game,
Brenda Thurgar High Word

Recreation: Heather Iapozzuto 3rd, Marisa
Nuccitelli 1st, High Game & High Word,
Brigid Murphy 2nd, with novice Krina Clark

The struggle in Advanced - Sylvia Galloway
plays Leif Cooper (front), and Noel Meyers
plays Julie Belle
In the Intermediate Section, the last game was the decider between Stephanie Saunders and Marjorie Page for 1st Place (Stephanie won). Marjorie is back after a year's absence and was delighted at her placing. And in the Recreation Section, a well-deserved win (and High Game - 448, and High Word "Healers" 85) for Marisa Nuccitelli. Marisa is a participant who arrives early at tournaments (and is often one of the last to leave) and helps out in setting up and packing up and her contribution is much appreciated.
To see the full results of this enjoyable event click HERE

Front: Paula Messer versus Leigh Donnelly,
with Wayne Stoyan playing Gwen Lampre

Front: Ros Hurworth plays Mal Eden, and
Angie Pearse plays Barry Harridge

Front: Norma Fisher versus Ray Alford, and
David Eldar plays Dianne Davis

Good luck to Lorraine Robinson and Don Marshall!

Lorraine and Don
The Marshall and Robinson families had been friends for many years, with Lorraine having the honour of being bridesmaid at Don and Shirley's wedding. Sadly Shirley, well-known as a top-class Scrabble player, passed away in 2004 and the friendship between Lorraine and Don blossomed, with the couple marrying at the Church of Christ in Geelong on March 11th. Some members of the Geelong Scrabble Club attended, including Pat Weston and Alan Cole. The picture on the right was taken in 2008 at the Geelong Tournament, and I'll try to find a more recent one. We wish Lorraine and Don a very happy life together, and anyone attending the Travel Scrabble weekend in Bendigo in late April will have the opportunity to convey their best wishes in person.

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Ruth Fewings on the ABC

On March 11 Ruth (the convenor of the Bendigo Scrabble Club - a job she has done since 1981!) was interviewed by Corey Hague from ABC Central Victoria. To see an article and a pic taken by Corey click here, and to hear the full interview click on "Audio" below the photo and then the small arrow to start the tape rolling.
Well done, Ruth, a good interview and a great effort over many years.

The 2011 Melbourne Team Challenge ~ Yay Jacks High!!

JACKS HIGH, the happy Champions: Mal Eden,
Carol Johnsen, Team Captain David Eldar, Carole
Eden & Angie Pearse Click to enlarge
Following efforts by the Tournament Organiser to ensure that all players were still available to compete it was pleasing to see everyone arrive on time and in good spirit. Earlier several players had indicated their unavailability for various good reasons, and we thank the players who happily agreed to make up the shortfall - the success of this tournament was dependent on having five members in each team, and even one no-show would have resulted in a disappointing and disorganised tournament, with the player's team being seriously disadvantaged and their opponents experiencing a bye.
The format was similar to the Causeway Challenge Teams event, with all members of a team playing all members of an opposing team simultaneously, and we thank Barry Harridge for the hours of work spent writing the necessary software and ensuring that the day flowed smoothly, with the nine games played finishing in excellent time.
Team camaraderie increased as more rounds were played, and at the end of the day the Jacks High team (pictured above in celebratory mode - they really did seem surprised by their win!) held on for a one-game victory over Melbourne Victory, with Whatever winning all five games in the final round to surge past five other teams and place third. What an amazing effort! The High Game Award for the day went to Andrew Fisher for a score of 567, and Julie Belle played REQUOTED for 106 points to win the High Word Award.
Excellent Ratings gains on the day were achieved by Peter Bauer 63, Gwen Lampre 54, Mal Eden 45, Kashi Ross 37, Marie D'Rosario 36, Andrew Fisher 31 and Rob York 29.

MELBOURNE VICTORY, 2nd: Captain Andrew
Fisher, Bridget Halge, Dorothy Rice.
Seated - Anna Palmer, Audree Clifton

WHATEVER, 3rd: Cheryle Jerram, Rob York,
Dianne Gibson, Rob Hutchinson &
Captain Natasha Podesser

THE OVERDOGS, 4th: Captain Trevor Halsall,
Jenny Brysha, Lois Binnie, Judith Westwood
& Dawn Browning. Note the extra on the right!

THE DARK HORSES, 5th: Kashi Ross, Ruth
Fewings, Dorothy Barraclough, Captain
Anand Bharadwaj & Katie Rowe

THE BUCCANEERS, 6th: Marie D'Rosario,
Arjun Haria, Captain Norma Fisher,
Julie Belle & Sandra Masel

THE BRATPACK, 7th: Gillian Renwick, Lorraine
Thomas, Carmel Doney, Latha Weerakkody
& Captain Naween Fernando
Congratulations to the members of the Jacks High Team, to all other teams, to Julie and Andrew for their excellent plays, and to all who competed for the spirit in which the event was played, it was a good day's scrabble. Also thank you to all who assisted in any way with making the tournament a success, the Committee really do appreciate your help.

THE LAMPLIGHTERS, 8th: Kris Howat, Glenys
Dettmann, Captain Gwen Lampre, Oliver
Podesser & John Parker

THE LOVELIES, 9th: Stephanie Saunders,
Marisa Nuccitelli, Captain Heather
Long, Peter Bauer & Ann Hagley

EMANON, 10th: Barry Harridge, Betty Egan,
Ann Goodwin, Diane Stoyan & Captain
Geoff Wright
To see the full results click HERE
Then click on the abbreviated team name next to a player's name in the individual list and see what comes up! There is lots of information there from the clever hardworking national website team.

The Camberwell Tournament ~ February 20 2011

At the Marwal Centre, studying the placings
Click to enlarge
Thanks to Meg Henderson and the Camberwell Club members for a very pleasant day, with all 64 players enjoying seven games of keenly-fought Scrabble. Unfortunately Meg wasn't well enough to attend on the day, and we wish her better health in the future.

Lois Binnie versus Gwen Lampre, 517:480
Click to enlarge
Barry Harridge ably organised the program, with a little hiccup at the beginning due to tardiness. Once under way everything proceeded smoothly, with Lalitha on computer duty and Barry as Tournament Director. Barry welcomed returning member Ros Hurworth who hadn't played a tournament for several years, and new player Leif Cooper, familiar to some from a stint on Letters & Numbers last year.
Masters saw a clean sweep to David Eldar, one of two players to win all seven games on the day. Andrew Fisher edged out Trevor Halsall in the final game to gain second place, with a very happy Katie Rowe in third place. High Game went to Andrew Fisher (577), and Lois Binnie played EQUATES as a double-double to score 115 and receive the award for High Game. A record was created in Game 6 when Lois defeated Gwen Lampre 517-480, giving Gwen the dubious distinction of holding the record for the Highest Losing Score to date this year.

Masters: Lois Binnie High Word, Katie Rowe 3rd,
Andrew Fisher 2nd & High Game.
Absent - David Eldar 1st

Advanced: Michael Rubinstein 1st, Paula Messer
3rd, Kashi Ross High Word & High Game,
Dianne Gibson 2nd

Inter: Mal Eden 1st & HG, Stephanie Saunders
HW, Ellen Frajman 3rd, Lorna Patching 2nd.
Absent - Dorothy Barraclough, equal High Word
In Advanced Michael Rubinstein won 6 games to place first ahead of Dianne Gibson on margin, with Paula Messer winning 5 games to take out third place. Paula was playing a section higher than usual so this was an excellent effort. Kashi Ross achieved both the High Game and High Word awards, with a game score of 580 and the word PROVISO for 104 points.
Intermediate was won by Mal Eden, the other player to win all seven games, signalling a welcome and long-awaited return to form. Lorna Patching placed second with Ellen Frajman third, both on four wins. Mal scored 486 to win the High Game award, and there was a tie for the High Word award - Stephanie Saunders played CLANGER for 91 points, and Dorothy Barraclough placed SQUIB in a strategic position to equal Stephanie's effort. Dorothy's excellent non-bonus word play created a record for the current year, a great find.

Recreation: Marisa Nuccitelli 3rd, Margaret
Magro 1st, Latha Weerakkody HG & HW, Nobby
Clarke 2nd

Ros Hurworth, back after a long break,
with novice Leif Cooper who won four games
in an excellent first tournament

Hostilities suspended while relaxing between
games! Trevor Halsall, David Eldar, Andrew
Fisher & Julian McKail
In Recreation Margaret Magro won 6 games to place first, well done Margaret. Second place was filled by Nobby Clark on five wins with Marisa Nuccitelli winning four to place third. Latha Weerakkody took home both the High Game award with a game score of 534, and the High Word award for playing DRAFTER for 101 points.
Notable rating gains on the day went to Mal Eden +64, Katie Rowe +58, Michael Rubinstein +48, Paula Messer +42 and Dianne Gibson +41. Congrats to everyone for their excellent play on the day, and many thanks to all who assisted with the running of the event in any way, your help is greatly appreciated.
For the full results click HERE

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The Ballarat Summer Tournament ~ January 29 2011

Here is a report from contestant Norma Fisher, thanks Norma, and also thanks to all the Ballarat crew for their efforts in staging the event - your hard work is appreciated.

Heather Long v Diane Stoyan, Peter Bauer
v Wayne Stoyan -Click to enlarge
Tess Robinson's three-section Ballarat tournaments are highly enjoyable "family" affairs with wonderful country hospitality. Tess was ably assisted by her son Peter, daughter-in-law Elizabeth, granddaughter Kira and grandson Stephen........granddaughter Jessica played in the 3rd section as did Tess who was the standby player. Club member Jenny McLeod was also a great help to Tess, acting as TD for the day. A variety of baked goods was provided throughout the day plus chicken with salads and buttered bread for lunch…….. the very roomy venue provides lots of extra tables and chairs for a comfortable lunch break. Note: At the winter tournament Tess provides huge pots of yummy soup!
Division 1:Heather Long came 1st with Kris Howat 2nd and Diane Stoyan 3rd - Kris also had the HG of 505 and Diane the HW - 104 for INJURES.
Division 2:Alan Cole came 1st with Dorothy Barraclough 2nd and Maggie Solomon 3rd - Alan also had the HG of 498 and Anna Palmer the HW - 111 for ESQUIRES.
Division 3:Donna McKay came 1st with Anne Goodwin 2nd and Glen Chandler 3rd - Anne also had the HG of 450 and Janice Matthews the HW - 104 for FLOWERS.
It is lovely to have the Stoyans back playing again after a year's hiatus. Be warned, they have not lost any of their skills! - I suffered a defeat at Wayne's hands with an extremely well played end game on his part. Wayne has picked up 51 rating points and Diane 40 in the two tournaments they have played this year. Our thanks to Tess and her extended family for a very pleasant day and congratulations to all winners and placegetters.
For the full results click HERE

Anna Palmer v Alan Cole, Julie Belle
v Anne Menheere - Click to enlarge

Nobby Clark studies his next move, and Glen
Chandler plays Jan Bidwell -Click to enlarge

The Bil Rose Aestival ~ January 23 2011

Bil Rose, a legend of the game
click to enlarge
This annual event honouring our late player Bil Rose was a very pleasant outing, with players divided into sections of eight and enjoying seven games of scrabble against those closest to their level on the ratings list. Due to the Round Robin format ratings changes were minimal, with the greatest gain for the day going to Stephanie Saunders, whose rating went up 31 points. Well done, Stephanie. Everything moved along smoothly under the expert direction of Tournament Director Carol Johnsen, with a sausage sizzle making lunch an enjoyable experience for those who partook of the fare expertly cooked by Jack Miller, who quietly helps Scrabble Victoria in many ways. Thanks, Jack.

Here is a report from TD Carol:
As always, the commencement of the Round Robin Bil Rose Aestival is fraught with anguish for that 15-20 minutes spent in working out the final composition of the teams. However, once play began, the tournament really flowed, so much so that the players requested an earlier return to start the afternoon play - with the 7 games finishing between 4 and 5pm. Norma Fisher had done a marvellous job in identifying A-I of international currencies for the team names and table stands and it created good interest from the participants.

The Section Winners: DINARS, Lorraine Thomas.
GOURDES, Jean de Neef. AUSTRALES, Naween
Fernando. BIRRS, Lois Binnie. FLORINS, Eileen Mills.
ESCUDOS, Stephanie Saunders. Absent: Wayne Stoyan,
COLONES. click to enlarge
A silent auction for a Deluxe Scrabble Dictionary and a Fliptimer was successful and along with the profits from the tournaments and the donations from players on the day made a total of $879 for the Queensland and Victorian Floods Appeals. Also $330 from clubs made a total of $1209. Sam Kantimathi, the US maker of Samtimers has kindly donated 3 Fliptimers to raise funds for flood relief. Prize winners included Wayne Stoyan, back from over a year away from Scrabble (with his wife Diane) and it was good to see also Ian and Angela Newton. It was an interesting tussle for AUSTRALES Section with Naween Fernando and Trevor Halsall both having one defeat at the hands of other players and Trevor losing to Naween. - Carol Johnsen, Tournament Organiser
For the full results click HERE

FLORINS: Some serious concentration!
Front - Arjun Haria v Anna Palmer
Eileen Mills v Carol Mascitti

DINARS: Front - Isabel Van Hoorn v Dieter
Jedamski, Diane Stoyan v Paula Messer, Julie
Belle v Lorraine Thomas

BIRRS: Front - Angie Pearse v Val Hardiman,
Angela Newton v Carmel Doney, Lois Binnie v
Barry Harridge, Rob Hutchinson v Dianne Gibson

GOURDES: Judith Westwood v Mercia Cadan
John Van der Schoor v Glenys Dettmann

GOURDES: Latha Weerakkody v Ann Goodwin
Marisa Nuccitelli v Dominica Krstic

BIRRS: Dianne Gibson v Rob Hutchinson
Barry Harridge v Lois Binnie

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The 5th Melbourne Marathon ~ January 8/9 2011

Ready for Game 24 - still hanging in there!
click to enlarge

The winners, after 24 hours - Simon Walton, 2nd overall &
High Game: Michael Rubinstein, 2nd Ratings Band award:
Julie Belle 3rd Ratings Band award: Jayden
Kuhne, 1st Ratings Band award. Absent (sleeping!) David
Eldar, 1st overall & High Word. click to enlarge
This was probably the swansong for this challenging event, so well organised and catered for each year by Norma Fisher. Thank you Norma, those who have participated are grateful for your commitment. The numbers were disappointing, with a couple of unavoidable last minute cancellations reducing the starting field to 18. We welcomed two interstate visitors, David More from New South Wales and Simon Walton from South Australia. Partway through the night one of the players became unwell and headed home, and Barry Harridge dropped out at the same time to avoid byes, gaining some well earned rest in the sick bay while the balance of the field soldiered on. Thanks for being the standby player, Barry. We had several drop-in visitors, including Jason Stockdale in town for a Fun Run on Sunday, a young gentleman who is hoping to play some scrabble soon, a retired author who enjoyed the social atmosphere between games, and some coffee and cake, and some of David Eldar's friends who were very interested in the games being played.
Not surprisingly David Eldar was the runaway winner, with 22 victories from the 24 games played. David is clearly the Victorian Marathon Champion as he has now won all five Marathons played, an amazing record. Second place went to Simon Walton on 17 wins, with Geoff Wright third on 16 wins. David Eldar held the High Game record for quite some time till his score was overtaken by Simon Walton with a great score of 631, a good start to the New Year. Well done, Simon. The High Word award went to David Eldar for a score of 167 for "LARYNGAL", a word which generated some discussion re the various pronunciations of words associated with the larynx - English really is a strange language.
Ratings band prizes were awarded for the Best Performed players rated 1350 or less, and these went to Jayden Kuhne who finished in 7th place, Michael Rubinstein 9th and Julie Belle 10th. Well done to all. Everyone was tired and looking forward to some rest at the end of play, but still in excellent spirits. Thank you to all who helped to make the event such a pleasant experience, your assistance was appreciated. For the full results click HERE

Back: Simon v Natasha, Chris v Ruth, Heather
v Norma, Jenny v David More -Click to enlarge

Game One - Geoff Wright plays Jayden Kuhne,
Peter Bauer plays Dieter Jedamski

Matte Dunn v Michael Rubinstein, Julie Belle
v Kashi Ross, David Eldar v Barry Harridge

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