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Travel Scrabble

Travelling for Scrabble provides a great opportunity to see other parts of Victoria whilst meeting up with familiar faces across the board! Our weekends away have been in hiatus between 2019 and 2023 but have now returned with events now featuring on the Victorian Scrabble calendar.

Travel Scrabble is open to all ASPA members. Non-playing spouses and partners are always welcome.

If you wish to know more about travel groups, contact the Scrabble Victoria committee.


The Wodonga Open was a great return to those who enjoy travelling for Scrabble. Wodonga Scrabble Club were wonderful hosts, providing travelling players with information about places to stay, places to eat, as well as places to go when Scrabble was not being played.

The Victorian border was an excellent meeting point with a group dinner enjoyed in neighbouring Albury with The Church Street Hotel in Wodonga providing an airy room for players to take part in the inaugural tournament for the area.

We look forward to returning in 2024!
Our venue for The Wodonga Open
Wodonga Scrabble Club members: Luke, Doz, and Jayanthi
Players were treated to a Scrabble themed mud cake!
16 players took part in the event
The Public House in Albury played host to our group dinner
Dinner photo
Prize winners from an enjoyable weekend at the border

Previous Travel Scrabble Events

Click this link for details of where we have traveled in previous years.