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Online Play

International Scrabble Club (ISC)
One of the most popular internet clubs around (especially with Aussies & Kiwis). To get started, it is strongly recommend downloading wordbiz software, a windows interface client. The interface is very good, the download is quick.  Once started, you get performance-based online ratings.  The site offers SOWPODS or TWL dictionary options; chat, kibitz, examination, etc. Also available with French and Romanian. A list of Australian players who use the ISC can be found here.

Play SOWPODS Scrabble against other players in Australia and around the world (not USA or Canada). Can play asynchronous or live, several timing options. You need to register with Facebook, which is free. There are a number of Scrabble groups, eg Adelaide and Sydney.

A shareware Windows program for online or off-line play.  Snappy interface.  You will also need to download a suitable dictionary (preferably based on SOWPODS).  If you want to meet and interact with other players online you will also need to download mIRC  (or similar). Scrabbleon is a good place to download all of the necessary software and meet players online.

Both Mattel (UK) and Hasbro (North America) distribute CD-ROMs which facilitate online play.  Both cost around A$55-65. In Australia, the Mattel rights are sub-licensed to Ubi Soft - they distribute Scrabble 2003 edition on CD-ROM.  Note that only the Ubi Soft product has a full SOWPODS dictionary installed. The Hasbro product can be configured to play with an imported SOWPODS dictionary (facilitated by the "customised dictionary" feature).

The Hasbro CD-ROM product can be ordered online. The UBISoft CD-ROM product is available at major  retails outlets in Australia, e.g. Harvey Norman.  It needs a high-end graphics card to run.

via Email
Rules & procedures.  Playable with software enhancements.

The most popular Scrabble DOoM.  One of the original online hangouts. Instructions for playing DOoMs by John Chew is a must read. The standard interface is a little awkward.  But it only requires Telnet to run (which is standard on all Windows systems). It works far easier and displays much better (in colour, too) if you download and install better client software.  Some of the world's best players drop in here.  And the Scrabble-playing Bots are Master class. [Note added in April 2008 - this seems to be of historical interest only]

Australian Scrabble Players Association (ASPA)
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