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Checklist for Organisers

Name of Tournament:

Task Person Responsible Contact details
Read the Guide for Tournament Organisers on the web site    
Well before event decide date, format, prize-money, entry fee    
Check that the date does not clash with another event
(web )
Arrange venue    
Notify website & ATB of event details    
Prepare and distribute tournament notice/flyer    
Prepare tournament budget    
Before the event, appoint Tournament Director    
Appoint Rules Advisor (if not TD)    
Organise Computer Operator    
Organise Lookup Operator    
Organise runners(if applicable)    
Organise emergency(standby) player      
Organise person(s) to do the check in      
Purchase trophies(if applicable)      
Collect perpetual trophies(if applicable)     
Organise wall charts     
Organise name tags     
Prepare certificates(if applicable)     
Check stocks of score sheets, sets etc     
Ensure all Scrabble sets & consumables arrive at tournament      
Ensure all Computer Equipment & software arrives at tournament    
Ensure all reference publications, rules, latest ratings and tournament records arrive at tournament    
Ensure name tags arrive at tournament in time for registration    
Supervise all aspects of catering    
Organise raffle & lucky door prizes(if applicable)    
Conceive novelty prizes(if applicable)    
Receive entries & set up draws    
On day, supervise distribution of sets, table numbers, score sheets & tile check sheets    
Distribute tournament records    
Set up computers    
Manage refreshment area    
Collect entry fee & distribute name tags    
Insert payments and prize money(if applicable) into envelopes    
Erect wall charts, latest ratings and rules    
Supervise runners & ensure playing area is kept tidy    
Instruct novices on tournament protocol    
Direct runners to collect name tags during last game    
Coordinate any lunches and meals during play    
Prepare tournament expense/income report    
Fill in certificates with names(if applicable)    
Present trophies & awards    
Write tournament report for internet/ATB    
Ensure results and ratings are published on the email list    
Ensure TOU file sent to National Ratings Officer (nro@scrabble.org.au)    
Australian Scrabble Players Association (ASPA)
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