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National Officers of the Council of Australian Scrabble Players Associations(CASPA) - 2014/2015. Elections are held annually near the Easter period.  Presidents of State Organisations are the principal voting members of CASPA.

CASPA Coordinator
Russell Honeybun (WA)

Russell Honeybun


Rules Coordinator
Wayne Willis (Qld)
Wayne Willis
CASPA Treasurer
Rene Chelton (NSW)

CASPA Ratings Officer/Web Coordinator/Records Officer
Martin Waterworth (Qld)

Carol Johnsen
Mattel Liaison
Carol Johnsen (Vic)

0422 002 524
Carol Johnsen
CASPA Youth Coordinator
Karen Richards (Qld)

Runcorn Qld
richard birch Newsletter Editor

(Across the Board)
Richard Birch (NSW)
Editor - ATB

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