Scrabble Australia
Clubs: Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory Code 02
WODEN Night Wed 7pm Southern Cross Club Tim Reddan 6286 6980
Thu 9:30am Southern Cross Club
Barbara Magi 6282 0436
GUNGAHLIN Youth club (Under 18s only)
Sun 1:00pm Gungahlin Library
John Hamilton 0400 650 349
Other States: NSW NT Qld SA Tas Vic


  1. Meeting details
    Some clubs meet on an irregular basis or in private homes only. Therefore full meeting details are not always listed here.
  2. Town & suburb details
    No suburb or town is listed if it is the same as the club name.
  3. Telephone numbers
    These are generally home numbers (After hours). 
  4. Holiday periods
    All information is subject to change without notice and you are advised to check meeting details, especially on public holidays or around Christmas. 
  5. No Club in your area?
    There may be one in formative stages or known contacts who are interested in starting one. Contact your State Scrabble organisation or the State Scrabble Enquiry Centres. Also check our guidelines for Starting New Clubs.
Updated 19 Sep 2013