S1 C3 R1 A1 B3 B3 L1 E1 Victoria

  • May 15 - May Tournament
  • May 28 - In-Person Tablet Online Tournament
  • Jun 11-12 - Victorian Championship
  • Details on CALENDAR

Close finish with Peter winning 18/24 games with a margin of 1181 to beat Chris May by the margin of 129. High Game was Chris May with 613 and Carol Johnsen scored 212 for BLIZZARD.
Other Victorians' placings (Championship)- Mythili Rudra 12th, Trevor Halsall 14th, Nat Podesser 21st, Heather Long 35th, Carol Johnsen 37th, Lainie Mercieca 39h, Kashi Thiris 46th and John Rider 52nd. And in the Plate - Peter Bauer 11th, Khwanjai Thammaping 14th and Siva Sivapalasundram 17th.
Marlon Prudencio (Phillipines) 6th; Cameron Farlow 5th; Norma Fisher 10th & Rating Band; Andrew Fisher 4th; Carol Johnsen HW; David Eldar 3rd; Peter Kougi 1st; Liz Blanch Ratings Band; Chris May 2nd.

  • Post Nationals
      Eighteen competitors took part in this wonderful venue - Moonee Ponds Club on Mt Alexander Rd. Congratulations to Carol Mascitti on winning all 5 games. Norma Fisher score the High Word with JINGOES for 110 and High Game of 597.
    Carol Mascitti (1st C Div)
    Rob York (1st Div A)
    Rob Hutchinson (1st Div B)

  • Bayside 1 Tournament
      Fourteen competitors took part in this wonderful venue - Mordy HQ on Nepean Highway Mordialloc. Congratulations to Dianne Davis on winning all 7 games. Oscar Ivanovski scored the High Word with FLIRTING for 122 and Alan Burn had the High Game with 508.
    Geoff Wright (3rd); Oscar Ivanovski (HW); Alan Burn (2nd & HG); and Dianne Davis (1st)
    Nice Play - DERATIONING
    Mordy HQ view out to sea from the balcony

  • March Tournament
    Returned to the popular Moonee Ponds Club for our first half-day comp in just over 15 months. It was our best-attended event in 2022 and hopefully signals a return to more numbers in coming months! Thank you to everyone in attendance for their support and for the venue for hosting us.
    There were four divisions playing a round robin format - only two players went through undefeated but only one won all their games?? We welcomed back a number of players who had not played in over 12 months; as a result, the second of our three 2022 awards has been activated. In D Division all the players there won 2 games, so it was very tight indeed.
    High Word winners were Div A - Geoff Wright - TUNICATE 102; Div B - Noel Coulter - NEUTRALS 126; Div D - Ann Goodwin - JOINERS 102.
    Div A - Trevor Halsall (1st & HG 507); Norma Fisher (2nd)
    Div B - Shaun Donnellly (1st), Rob Hutchinson (2nd)
    Div C - Cherry Chapman (1st), Neil McLean (2nd)
    Div D - Carol Rollmann (2nd), Faye Leeder (1st)
    A draw at 461 each for Trevor Halsall & Carol Johnsen

  • Ruth Fewings Memorial Tournament

    Twenty players, including four interstaters, had a wonderful weekend in beautiful Bendigo to celebrate the contribution of Ruth Fewings (albeit delayed by two years due to Covid-19). Two divisions played 9 games of Round Robin with game 10 King of the Hill. Congratulations to Edward Okulicz and Rob York for winning their respective divisions. With 9 straight wins Edward has equaled the longest winning streak (14 wins) in 2022. High Game (629) for A Division went to Joanne Craig and B Division won by Shaun Donnelly (529).
    Ruth's son,Father Andrew Fewings (Parish Priest at the St Therese's Primary School venue) opened the tournament. Thanks to Peter Bauer and Heather Long for their work in organising the tournament. And it was a pleasure to welcome back, after 17 years, Neil McLean, also from Bendigo. Neil had organised the last tournament held in Bendigo in 2005.
    Div A - Joanne Craig (2nd & HG), Edward Okulicz (1st), Jane Taylor (3rd), Norma Fisher (HW)
    Div B - Rob York (1st & HW), Paula Messer (2nd), Shaun Donnelly (HG), Noel Coulter (3rd),
    Interstaters - Jane Taylor (SA), Joanne Craig (NSW), Judy Mansfield (SA), Carmel Dodd (SA)
    Div A - HW - 140 LATENING Norma Fisher
    Div B - HW - 176 STORMILY Rob York
    Edward Okulicz - 4 bingos as a starter
    Rob York with a backdrop of Bendigo's roses
  • Scrabble in her sleep?

    Chris Radin models her prize as 2nd placegetter in the 2021 Langwarrin Club Challenge for the year with fellow Club members Peter Attwood and Geoff Gittus approving in the background. Presentations were made this month and the perpetual trophy pictured to the righthand side of Chris was won by Alan Burn.

  • Cancelled Tournaments
    The Victorian Committee is very sorry that it has had to cancel the tournaments which were to be held in February. Unfortunately, COVID-19 events and protocols have forced the need for this. However,  the Ruth Fewings Memorial Tournament will definitely be going ahead on the weekend of 5 and 6 March in Bendigo.  We hope to welcome lots of players back. Details are on the Tournaments page.

  • Nine-Timer scores 221
    Paula Messer scores 221 for QUANTITY down on TINGLES at Balwyn Club on 7 February.

    Collins Zyzzyva, with the new word list suitable for word judging, is currently available at https://blog.collinsdictionary.com/scrabble/scrabble-tools/.

    ULU : https://www.dropbox.com/s/gagbzhzbe2900ua/CSW22.txt?dl=1&name=CSW2022

    The WESPA 2021 Initiation Kit has been created to assist players in learning the changes in the new CSW Word list. For reference, the new edition of CSW contains exactly 419 deletions and no additions. For a copy of this kit contact Nick Ivanovski at nicksfbemail@gmail.com.

    Congratulations to Liz McKean on achieving her 1000 games and Andrew Fisher with 2000 games. Both awards were presented at the Bil Rose Aestival on 16 January.
    Andrew Fisher
    Liz McKean

    Congratulations to Andrew Fisher on his 2nd place in the Sydney International Masters held in late January.

    Victorian Plate & Side Event

    Twelve-years old Oscar Ivanovski took out top honours in the Victorian Plate with 6 out of 7 wins and a High Game of 514. High Word HELPERS (105) - Mohammed Hegazi.

    Edward Okulicz (6 out of 7 wins) won the Side Event (5 point challenge).  High Game - Trevor Halsall (617) and High Word IDEALIZE (104) - Geoff Wright.

    Last minute changes to find a venue resulted in play at the Moonee Ponds Club (historically the Moonee Ponds Bicycle Club established in the 1800's). The air-conditioned venue with bar and sporting facilities proved to be popular and more Scrabble events are planned for there.

    Trevor Halsall (617) and Carol Johnsen (476) played an 1089 aggregate game (board below); and Trevor (461) and Edward (464) were featured where Trevor lost by 3 points (his over-time of 59.9 seconds proving his downfall - board and clock below).
    A new popular venue
    Victorian Plate winners: Kris Howat (3rd), Rob Hutchinson (2nd), Mohammed Hegazi (High Word), Oscar Ivanovski (Champion and High Game)

    Victorian Plate Champion & High Game
    Edward Okulicz - Plate winner
    Aggregate game 1089
    Edward Okulicz & Trevor Halsall board
    A close shave
    A nice play of PROTESTED by Nick Ivanovski

    Bil Rose Aestival

    The first event of the year saw 28 players compete in an Open event which proved very popular as it pitted players with opponents whom they may never have played before which proved entertaining and friendly. It was also the first tournament in Victoria with CSW21 as the reference. By the end of the day, most players were conversant with updating the various apps for adjudication with Nick Ivanovski's assistance..
    Andrew Fisher took top honours winning his 7 games, with Edward Okulicz and Norma Fisher placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Noel Coulter's highlight of the day was playing a nine-timer for 131 (NARROWED) against Andrew Fisher. Andrew, of course not to be out-classed, quickly followed up with 3 bingos to go on and win the match.
    Rating band prizes went to Rob Hutchinson (under 1300) and Doreen Ivanovski (under 1000). In keeping with the Australian Tennis Open theme, Oscar Ivanovski won Word of the Day with OPEN which was determined by a computer-generated program.

    A return to social distancing and masks on the day
    Andrew Fisher, Doreen Ivanovski, Rob Hutchinson, Oscar Ivanovski, Norma Fisher & Edward Okulicz
    Norma Fisher's High Game 591 board
    ABELMOSK (a tropical plant) Oliver Podesser's find of the day

    Decathon '21

    One of the most popular events of the year with a return after 2 years of not being held. Today marked the final Committee-run tournament using CSW19, with CSW21 being used for Victorian Committee-run events from January 1, 2022 onwards.
    Three divisions played round robins which ensured that the day went smoothly and quickly. Both Divs B & C played one round, whilst A Div played 2 rounds.
    Div A:David Eldar 3rd; Norma Fisher - High Word; Edward Okulicz 1st
    Kashi Thiris 3rd and June Valentine 1st
    Oscar Ivanovski 1st, HW & HG; Siva Sivapalasundram 2nd; Oliver Podesser 3rd
    High Game - 560 - David Eldar
    Beautiful play EXPEL - 90

    Bayside 2

    Oh, to be beside the sea. Becoming one of our favourite venues, the Mordialloc Sports Club by the sea. Make sure you don't miss the next one on February 13 in 2022 here. Mythili Rudra (2nd) and Peter Kougi (3rd) were fresh from their sucess at the recent Virtual WESPA Championship (Peter placed 4th and Mythili 47th.)
    Peter Kougi and Mythili Rudra (Mr and Mrs)
    Dianne Davis, Jenny Brysha, Peter Kougi and Mythli Rudra
    Noel Coulter, Oscar Ivanovski and Oliver Podesser

    December Summer

    This event starts December off to be a very busy Scrabble month with 4 tournaments. Low numbers (20) did not detract rom the tough competition with Geoff Wright and Siva Sivapalasundram taking out top spots in Divs A & B.
    Mal Eden, Nick Ivanovski, Geoff Wright and Chris Scholten
    Luke Breen, Siva Sivapalasundram, Annette Casey and Dominica Krstic
    Results and ratings: 05.12.2021 Vic December
    following ss0412re.tou on 20211204
    PratCooker 12.05, pending NRO processing.
    A    7 games
           W     M                       Old   Chg  New
      1    6  +559 Geoff Wright         1633   +19 1652
      2    5  +812 Nick Ivanovski       1621    -2 1619
      3    5  +329 Chris Scholten       1409   +19 1428
      4    5  +231 Norma Fisher         1520   +13 1533
      5    4  -217 Mal Eden             1221   +30 1251
      6    3   -22 John Rider           1331    +2 1333
      7    0  -872 Paula Messer         1124   -32 1092
           6 games
      1    3  -118 Lainie Chojna        1330    +7 1337
      2    1  -467 Barry Harridge       1407   -47 1360
           5 games
      1    1  -235 Noel Coulter         1252    -9 1243
    High game Nick Ivanovski 560
    High word Geoff Wright WIRIEST 104
    B     7 games
           W     M                       Old   Chg  New
      1    6  +608 Siva Sivapalasundram 1065   +31 1096
      2    5  +248&Luke Breen          ( 798)     ( 925)
      3    4  +209 Dominica Krstic      1024    -3 1021
      4    4  +186 Oscar Ivanovski      1029    -4 1025
      5    4   +23 Ann Goodwin           919    +6  925
      6    3  -132 Elizabeth McKean      769   +11  780
      7    3  -385&Carol Rollmann      ( 844)     ( 847)
      8    2  -114 Annette Casey         896   -24  872
      9    2  -229 Mohammed Hegazi       842   -24  818
     10    2  -414 Lay-Hoon Ng           848   -22  826
    High game Siva Sivapalasundram 534
    High word Annette Casey NASTIER 106
    Luke Breen is still provisional (20 games)
    Carol Rollmann is still provisional (46 games)

    Scrabble Festival

    Following the Scrabble Festival Open Day on 20 November, 20 players participated in 3 divisions in round robin style. Whilst confusion reigned at the commencement, it soon settled down and thank you for the patience of all present. We welcomed Novice Catherine Jackson-Grose who admitted to thoroughly enjoying the day and she was very keen to continue to participate. Division placings were:
    1st - Norma Fisher - 5 wins
    2nd - Geoff Wright - 4 wins
    3rd - Barry Harridge - 3 wins
    HW: BENDERS - 90 - Shaun Donnelly
    HG: Norma Fisher - 500
    1st - Noel Coulter - 4 wins (won on aggregate)
    2nd - John Rider - 4 wins
    3rd - Mal Eden - 3 wins
    HW: CLIMAXES - 101 - Noel Coulter
    HG: Mal Eden - 494
    1st - Siva Sivapalasundram - 4 wins (won on aggregate)
    2nd - Ann Goodwin - 4 wins
    3rd - Dominica Krstic - 3 wins
    HW: MENDERS 91 & COUPLET 91 - Dominica Krstic
    HG: Carol Rollmann - 502
    1st Norma Fisher 1st & HG; and Shaun Donnelly HW
    1st Noel Coulter 1st & HW; Mal Eden HG
    1st Siva sivapalasundram
    HW Dominica Krstic; HG Carol Rollmann

    Victorian Championship

    Thank you to all the players who attended and supported our first event back after lockdown restrictions had eased! It was a really enjoyable event to run as a result and I hope you enjoyed it as well, no matter how you fared.
    Congratulations to David Eldar, winning the title comprehensively - by three wins and margin. It was a decade since David had played in this event (having been overseas in that time) and he was pleased to be back. Thank you to David for his generosity when it came to donating his prize money back to Scrabble. - Nick Ivanovski, TD.
    1st - David Eldar - $1,000
    2nd - Andrew Fisher - $500
    3rd - Trevor Halsall - $300
    HG: Andrew Fisher - $100
    HW: Lainie Chojna - $100
    Rating Band Prize: Shaun Donnelly - $100
    Rating Band Prize: Michael Smitheram - $100
    David Eldar with the Victorian Champion perpetual trophy
    Andrew Fisher, 2nd place & High Game 627
    Trevor Halsall, 3rd place
    Lainie Chojna - High Word - ABRASION 149
    Shaun Donnelly & Michael Smitheram
    ABRASION 149
    High Game 627

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