The parts of our organisation

The Australian Scrabble Players Association is in essence a group of state associations. Most of the organising occurs at state level. There is a national body with a representative from each state. State associations also oversee clubs in their state. These three levels are described below.


Clubs are where the most frequent play occurs, with most clubs meeting weekly. Scrabble clubs cater for players of all abilities. New players are always welcomed and are usually helped with advice and permitted to use reference books while playing while they become accustomed to the basic words.

Clubs usually charge a small fee (a few dollars) to cover the equipment, venue hire and coffee and biscuits. Some award small prizes for achievements. But the stakes are generally low and it's as much a social occasion as a competitive one.

Although each club operates independently, the state organisation keeps a register of clubs (the icon indicates that the web list is maintained by the state). Clubs are also advertised in the national newsletter Across The Board.

If there is not a club in your area, you might contact your state organisation and you might even be prepared to start one yourself. Here is some advice on how you might do this.


The Council of the Australian Scrabble Players Associations provides a mechanism for the state organisations to liaise with each other and get a national perspective. State organisations started in 1985. They kept in touch with each other informally but then in 1992 the formal national body was formed.