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The Bil Rose Aestival is one of the first events run by Scrabble Victoria each year.

Originally starting in 1994 as "The Aestival Festival" before becoming simply "The Aestival" in 1997, the event was named for Bil Rose, one of the most popular players who had been a part of the Scrabble playing community in Victoria since tournaments commenced in the early 1980s.

Bil was noted for his poems, that would be featured in Across the Board, as well as his game play. Bil continued to play well into his 90s, and would feature in The Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest competition Scrabble player at the time. He passed away in 2003 at the age of 98, one month after his last ever tournament.

The Tournament continues in his honour and is a proud fixture on our calendar. The format is a round robin over 7 rounds. Divisions are named for a theme, typically birds or tennis (given it coincides usually with the Australian Open commencing each year.


Division Winners in each year

Andrew Fisher

David Eldar, John Rider, Kannan Sethuraman, Darren Chaitman, Fintan Conway

Anand Bharadwaj, Jeremy Yip, Jenny Brysha, Paula Messer, Carol Mascitti, Elize Plaganyi

Andrew Fisher, Geoff Wright, Noel Coulter, Kris Howat, Dominica Krstic, Anne Menheere, Balada Catanchin, Oscar Ivanovski

David Eldar, Geoff Wright, Janet Bau, Benjamin Lee, Khwanjai Thammaping, Dominica Krstic, Balada Catanchin, Jeremy Yip

Peter Kougi, Barry Harridge, Jenny Brysha, Lorraine Thomas, Geoff Shepherd, Latha Weerakkody, Laura Khan, Trish Magee

Trevor Halsall, Julie Belle, Cheryle Jerram, John Rider, Janet Bau, Dominica Krstic, Latha Weerakkody, Carole Eden

David Eldar, Natasha Podesser, Dianne Gibson, Jenny Brysha, Dorothy Barraclough, Oliver Podesser, Siva Sivapalasundram

Naween Fernando, Norma Fisher, Bridget Halge, Mary McMahon, Paula Messer, Anne Menheere, Irlande Alfred, Ann Goodwin

David Eldar, Dianne Davis, Bridget Halge, Marie D'Rosario, Diane Stoyan, Stephanie Saunders, Rena Aitken

Peter Kougi, Katie Rowe, Patricia Mitchell, Mal Eden, Khwanjai Thammaping, Gianna Devcic, Ruth Fewings

Naween Fernando, Lois Binnie, Wayne Stoyan, Lorraine Thomas, Stephanie Saunders, Eileen Mills, Jean de Neef

Trevor Halsall, Mary McMahon, Anand Bharadwaj, Patricia Mitchell, Jenny Brysha, Julie Belle, Stephanie Saunders, Gianna Devcic

Trevor Halsall, Norma Fisher, Sal Costanzo, Kris Howat, Isabel Van Hoorn, Oliver Podesser, Stephanie Saunders, Irlande Alfred

David Eldar, Zina Costanzo, Meg Henderson, Rob Hutchinson, Wayne Stoyan, Brenda Thurgar, Khwanjai Thammaping, Carol Mascitti

Julian McKail, Geoff Wright, Marj Miller, Carol Johnsen, Patricia Mitchell, Mal Eden, Cheryle Jerram, Pat Weston, BJ Winzer

Naween Fernando, Barry Harridge, Audree Clifton, Angela Newton, Dawn Thomas, Cheryle Jerram, Anne Menheere, Stephanie Saunders, Mary Mackie

David Eldar, Alastair Kane, Matte Dunn, Mary McMahon, Jim Warmington, Nan Smith, John Lynch, Joyce McCombe, Tyrone Busuttil, Romany Mulvaney, Betty Egan, Vivian Eckhaus

Naween Fernando, Frank Csarics, Rod Casey, Gillian Kinder, Patricia Mitchell, Marjorie Page, Dianne Gibson, Mike McAvoy, Janet Bau, Frank Wasley, Gloria O'Loughlin, Savitri Cooray

Trevor Halsall, Carmel Doney, Sal Costanzo, Neil McLean, Elaine Capewell, Doug Ristic, Eric Pitt, Lorna Patching, Gladys Minihan, Marlene Ellis, Jennie Jones

Steve Sunter, Gwen Lampre, Lois Binnie, Nicole Findlay, Patricia Mitchell, Michael Hornung, Marian Gori, Diane Stoyan, Gladys Minihan, Alan Cole, Phoebe Eizenberg

Sue Kyatt, Dianne Davis, Patricia Mitchell, Rod Casey, Evelyn Hill, Mal Eden, Brenda Thurgar, Romany Mulvaney, Stewart Bell, Gillian Kinder, Rose Salmon, Jennie Jones, Gloria O'Loughlin

Saheed Jimoh, Barry Harridge, Carol Johnsen, Maria Zucco, Angie Pearse, Isobel Van Hoorn, Julian McKail, Bil Rose, Audrey Fenner, Diane Stoyan, Helene Slode, Karen Harris, Lynne Goodinson, Dorothy Barraclough

Alistair Kane, Marie Knight, Gwen Chadwick, Joy Smith, Rose Young, Mal Eden, Eilene Howarth, Margaret Boucher, Elizabeth Spillane, Tony Pogmore