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The Decathon is one of the most popular events on the Scrabble Victoria calendar and occurs between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The event started as The Scrabble Sgramble in 1995, and was run over 18 games in 2 days until 1997 before it became the Decathon - a 10 game tournament.

As with most events in Victoria, COVID restrictions prevented it from running in 2020: 2021 saw a revised version of this event at the same time of year but not played over 10 games.

In 2022, the Decathon returned to its 10 game format and was approved for WESPA rating for the first time.

The date for the next Decathon is December 27, 2023 and will be held at Balwyn Community Centre. It is also confirmed to be WESPA rated.

Players wanting to enter the event can email Nick Ivanovski via this link.


Division Winners in each year

Year A B C D
2022 Andrew Fisher Noel Coulter
2021 Edward Okulicz June Valentine Oscar Ivanovski
2019 Edward Okulicz Dianne Davis Kris Howat Dorothy Barraclough
2018 David Eldar John MacNaughton Jeremy Yip Jenny Plant
2017 Mythili Rudra Khwanjai Thammaping Christie Godby
2016 David Eldar Lynn Weaver John Metcalf
2015 Alastair Richards Lorraine Thomas Lynne Goodinson
2014 David Eldar Lainie Mercieca Mal Eden
2013 Trevor Halsall Shirley De Silva Rob York Gillian Renwick
2012 Peter Kougi Chris Scholten Khwanjai Thammaping Dominica Krstic
2011 Trevor Halsall Ann Hagley Dieter Jedamski Carole Eden
2010 Andrew Fisher Katie Rowe Oliver Podesser Glen Chandler
2009 Alastair Richards Cheryle Jerram Anne Menheere Carole Eden
2008 Andrew Fisher David More BJ Winzer
2007 David Eldar Sujeet Mehta Betty Egan
2006 David Eldar Lorraine Thomas Sean Dostal
2005 Julian McKail Peter Kougi Oliver Podesser
2004 David Eldar David Baker Lakshman Cooray
2003 Jimmy Scarff Alan Cole
2002 Trevor Halsall Robyn Corbel
2001 Harry Malcolm John Lynch
2000 Trevor Halsall Pat Weston
1999 Alastair Kane Eric Pitt
1998 Paul Cleary Heather Long
1997 Carmel Dodd
1996 Bob Jackman
1995 Carmel Dodd