S1 C3 R1 A1 B3 B3 L1 E1 Victoria


Welcome to the live standings from today's event, being held at Mordy HQ.

Today's event is Bayside 1, the first of two events being held in Mordialloc in 2023.

The event is an Open format, with rating band prizes also on offer.


Results from round 7

1 David Eldar6(+0.5)+612(+0)
2 Edward Okulicz6+441
3 Geoff Wright5+453
4 Michael Hornung5+446
5 Dianne Davis5+27
6 Darren Chaitman5-145
7 Naween Fernando4+349
8 Alan Burn4+140
9 Mardi Healy4-6
10 Carol Johnsen4-10
11 Rob York4-35
12 Justin Moyle4-49
13 Oscar Ivanovski3+303
14 Frank Csarics3+161
15 Norma Fisher@123+84
16 Mythili Rudra0(+3)-11(+0)
17 Doreen Ivanovski3-53
18 Neil McLean3-58
19 Nick Ivanovski3-63
20 Glen Chandler3-107
21 Shaun Donnelly3-283
22 Carol Rollmann3-330
23 Noel Coulter2-2
24 Marie D'Rosario2-279
25 Carol Mascitti2-469
26 Mal Eden1-241
27 Del Stitz1-875

Bye treatment explained in brackets

High game:Naween Fernando614
High word:Dianne Davis EQUATES109