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Entries are open for the 2023 Victorian Championship, to be held at The Olympic Hotel on June 10-11; click here to register your name to play

The Victorian Scrabble Championship is one of the longest running events on the Scrabble Calendar in Australia, run over the King's Birthday long weekend (second weekend in June).

The first Victorian was run in 1985 (the year ASPA Vic was founded) as a replacement for the cancellation of the Moomba Championship, with Arleigh Receptions being the venue 80 players took part (including four from NSW (Don Croft, John Barker, Jean McGiffen, and Dulcie Lyall).

It was a 10 game event; Lynne Butler won the inaugural title, from Jean McGiffen and Jack Mack. Moya Jury was victorious in B Division and Bil Scott in C.

1986 saw the event move to a two day event (a first in Victoria) and the introduction of clocks for the Masters Division (also a first). Merrimu Reception Rooms in Murrumbeena was the venue. Five interstate players took part. Dennis Boon took the title of Victorian Champion, with Janet Roberts and John Collins taking out the lower Divisions.

The event moved to June for the first time in 1987 - 80 players took part and NSW players were dominant in the top standings. Lena Boyd won from Moana Nepia, with Roger Blom the best performing Victorian in 3rd.

1990 saw 108 players take part, a then record for a 2 day event in Australia. Roger Blom was crowned Victorian Champion, with Trevor Halsall (representing NSW) taking out B Division. Mary Campbell won in C Division and Ray Alford in D Division.

Trevor Halsall would subsequently move to Victoria and is currently the only player to complete a threepeat at what has become known as the Vic Champs. There have been several multiple winners of the event and the Honour Board features many of the country's best ever players.

The event went to a three day format but has now returned to a two day event after player feedback. Sadly, COVID restrictions meant the Vic Champs lost its continuous run in 2020 but returned in 2021 (played this time in November).

The event continues to enjoy WESPA rating, one of the few events in the country where players can add to their international rating.


Victorian Champions by year

2022 Anand Bharadwaj
2021 David Eldar
2020 Not held (COVID-19)
2019 Trevor Halsall
2018 Trevor Halsall
2017 Trevor Halsall
2016 Andrew Fisher
2015 Andrew Fisher
2014 Peter Kougi
2013 Bob Jackman
2012 Alastair Richards
2011 Trevor Halsall
2010 Edward Okulicz
2009 Andrew Fisher
2008 David Eldar
2007 Andrew Fisher
2006 Chris May
2005 Naween Fernando
2004 David Eldar
2003 Naween Fernando
2002 Naween Fernando
2001 Alistair Kane
2000 Roger Blom
1999 Alistair Kane
1998 Bob Jackman
1997 Geoff Wright
1996 Roger Blom
1995 Bob Jackman
1994 Geoff Wright
1993 Roger Blom
1992 Steve Sunter
1991 Alistair Kane
1990 Roger Blom
1989 Steve Sunter
1988 Ann Radan
1987 Lena Boyd
1986 Dennis Boon
1985 Lynne Butler