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Selective events

These events are invitational, based on rating.
& State Challenge



PERTH beach
The Australian Scrabble Championship is in Perth this year at Easter over three days - Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There are two sections, Championship and Plate.
See the history since 1986 and .
Trans Tasman map logo
The dates and venue for the 2024 Trans Tasman have been settled. Over three days, Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2024, twelve Aussies and twelve Kiwis will play 24 rounds at Mount Eden, a picturesque suburb of Auckland. The Australian team is selected by rating performance over 11½ months. See
Although Carmel Dodd did not end up in the top placings at either the Women's Championship or the City Of Sydney Internatonal Masters, she was on a winning streak for quite a while. She won ten games in a row and so is recorded in our set of records for the year 2024. See 2024 records
Victor Tung wins $1000 at the City of Sydney International Masters.
Victor Tung 2024 CSIM winner
Victor receives the award from Bob Jackman
The lead was uncertain until the very end.
Top 5 were Victor Tung, Esther Perrins, Ayorinde Saidu, Bob Jackman and Karen Richards.
24 CSIM top 5
Karen, Esther, Victor, Bob, Saidu
See full details.
The Australian Women's Championship with 37 players is the first major event of the year. This year it was held in Sydney. The top three were the same top three as last year, but in a different order. Jane Taylor won. Joanne Craig came second and Dianne Brumby came third.
Top 3 at Women's 2024
Joanne, Jane, Dianne
See event coverage.


A popular Victorian event with ten games in the day is the Decathon. The top four were David Eldar, Edward Okulicz, Naween Fernando and Oscar Ivanovski.
David, Edward, Oscar, Naween
The 2023 WESPA Youth Cup was held over three days in Thailand. Our four Australians were placed as follows: Ronnie Bennett 15th, Ashwin Page 37th, Vinh Nguyen 55th and Kelvin Korn 90th. Special thnks to Paul Richards who provided web coverage here .
Several adult Australians played in other events as well. Russell Honeybun, Tony Hunt, Karen Richards, Carol Johnsen, Khwanjai Thmmaping and Olga Visser took part. See their final placings in the side event here.
The much anticipated Alchemist Cup 2024 will sadly not take place. Michael Tang has made a unique and generous contribution over decades with his bold, innovative and exciting tournaments particularly Causeway and Alchemist. But he now wishes to scale back on such ambitious plans. Australians especially loved it. You can see the archived website of the 2018 Alchemist Cup which had the most exciting finish when Australia prevailed despite upsets in the final (45th) round.

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