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Selective events

These events are invitational, based on rating.
& State Challenge



Details of the date and venue for the Australian Masters & State Challenge have now been finalised as Sep 2 & 3, at the Reveseby Workers Club. This is a selective event (20 in Masters, 21 in State Challenge) and the qualifying period ends on May 31.
Audree Clifton, a much loved member of the Essendon Scrabble Club, passed away peacefully at the age of 100. Her sister Marie Knight had a lot to do with establishing the Australian Scrabble Players Association in the eighties. Audree was still as sharp as ever at the age of 100, playing Scrabble online to a high standard.
The Australian Scrabble Championship held at Windy Hill in Victoria was tightly contested. Naween Fernando from Victoria emerged as the champion.
Champion: Naween Fernando
The Plate section was won by Kris Howat from Victoria.
Plate winner: Kris Howat
At the Australian Championship, several new records were set for 2023.
See the of the event.
See also the report by
The CASPA AGM discussed youth, ratings, pairings, promotions, next word list. See the minutes.
The inaugural Womens' Championship has been won by Joanne Craig. Full Results here.
The winner of the South Australian Championship for 2023 is Russell Honeybun from WA, edging just ahead of Daniel Piechnick on spread alone. Full Results here.
The City of Sydney International Masters (18 rounds) was won by Bob Jackman with 13 wins, closely pursued by two determined women on 13 and 12 wins.
Joanne Craig, Bob Jackman, Esther Perrins

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