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Selective events

These events are invitational, based on rating.
& State Challenge
& State Challenge



The Australian Masters and State Challenge is an invitational event. This year it was held in Sydney.
Edward wins Aust Masters
Australian Masters winner Edward Okulicz
Queensland wins AMSC
Queensland wins State Challenge Trophy
Liz Blanch, Jane Brown and Sheryl Davidson
Chris Ostrowski wins State Challenge
States individual winner Chris Ostrowski
See the coverage at this link.
Prizes were awarded at the AMSC for words beginning with the letters of CHRISMAY.
CANDIES Edward Okulicz 94
HALLOES Greg Pinchbeck 114
RINGLETY Jane Taylor 94
IMBOSKED Trevor Halsall 115
SNAZZIER Rob Hutchison 194
MOSEYED Esther Perrins 99
APEHOODS Joanne Craig 185
YEARNERS Chris Ostrowski 67
Players may now register for the 2024 Australian Championship & Plate which is in Perth from 30th March to 1st April. Go to here for more info and to register.
The winner of the Queensland Scrabble Championship is once again Cameron Farlow. Second place is Nick Ivanovski. Third place is Julie Brice.
Cameron Farlow wins 2023 Queensland Championship
Paul Richards presents the award to Cameron Farlow
Australian Scrabble players mourn the passing of Chris May, an accomplished and talented individual in many things, and notably Scrabble in Australia and overseas. He not only played brilliantly (rated 8th in the World and 2nd in Australia) but also contributed, especially towards WESPA tournament rules.
Part of the winning Australian team in 2018 and 2020 at the Alchemist Cup
The selection of youth players to play in the WESPA YOUTH CUP 2023 has now finished. See SELECTION. Tony Hunt will be coordinating acceptances.

It has this year reverted to being an in person event, an underwater tournament (just kidding) in the seaside city of Trang in Thailand from December 1 to 3 with a warmup event on the day before.

Click on the Scrabbling Seal for more info.

The WESPA Champion for 2023 is our own David Eldar, decided in the seventh game of the seven game playoff between Harshan Lamabadusuriya from England and David Eldar from Australia.
David Eldar 2023 World Champion

Superb play by both David and Harshan. See Will Anderson's video recap

Australia is proud of David who is now the only the second player in the world to win two World Scrabble Championships, the other being Nigel Richards.

The WESPA Championship is held over five days in Las Vegas. 134 invited players from around the world played. The first four days were 32 games for all players.

At the end of day 4, Australians had the following placings.
2=David Eldar, 5=Andrew Fisher, 16=Russell Honeybun, 28=Trevor Halsall, 31= Anand Bharadwaj, 63=Cameron Farlow, 67=John Holgate, 73=Bob Jackman, 87=Sally Martin, 98=Jane Taylor, 105=Joanne Craig, 108=Adam Kretschmer, 113=Paul Richards, 115=Graeme Lock Lee, 120=Karen Richards

The fifth day is a playoff of the top two, the champion determined by the best of 7 games.
Las Vegas has several tournaments in July, the chiefest being the NASPA Scrabble Players Championship and the World English Scrabble Players Association Championship (WESPAC). The former had not only North American Championships but also two CSW divisions. The top CSW division culminated in a playoff of the best of five games between the top two after four days of play. These happened to be Wellington Jighere from Nigeria and David Eldar from Australia. David won the first two games, but Wellington won the next three to claim the ultimate title. Congratulations to Wellington and also to David.
38 players competed in the Victorian Championship.
Winner: David Eldar
Second: Edward Okulicz
Third: Andrew Fisher
Full Results
Russell Honeybun wins the West Australian Championship yet again. Full Results

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