Scrabble Australia

Change Log

Front page

Original design was by Steve Sunter

Existing core links

  • Clubs
    • ACT, NSW etc (VIC is dead link)
    • Guidelines for start up 2009
    • → membership
  • Dictionaries
    • Dictionaries (history) has dead link to Zyzzyva
    • Beyond the Black Stump (prune)
  • Word Lists
    • many lists eg 2s, 3s (need reviewing?)
    • Collins tools (dead)
    • WESPA Lists (few, David Sutton)
    • ABSP lists (many, David Sutton)
  • Strategy
    John Holgate (Koala) 8 aspects S C R A B B L E (2005)
  • Quizzes
    Thematic Towns, Capital Cities, Melbourne Suburbs, Adelaide Suburbs
  • Records
    • All time (stale)
    • By category (stale)
    • By year (possibly good)
  • Play Online
    Very outdated. Karen will help.
  • Email lists
    Not redone for Google mailing list. Should have other ways eg Facebook.
    International too.
  • Links
  • Contact Us Links to state contacts - need to check.
    Should also have eg nro, webmaster
  • Tournaments

    Events calendar Very fresh.
    Should also link to requirements to be rated.
  • Results

    Recent data are always fresh.
    New quick look display of recent (cgi)
  • Ratings
    • Intro
    • Method
    • Criteria
    • Historical (perhaps redo)
    • Latest
    • RATING.DAT etc
  • Resources
    Mixed bag of links. Some for organisers, some for players.
  • Rules
    • National Rules (Jan 16 2021)
    • Etiquette
    • Rotating board (dated)
    • Personal Word Judge (new 2021)
    • NSW Variations (vague link)
  • Major titles
    National & State
    Fairly fresh
  • International
    Aussie achievements Very out of date (2007)
  • Schools Program
    Support network Very out of date (ask Tony Hunt)
  • About Us
    Our organisation Aims, National mugwumps, state mugwumps, membership officers, Scrabble Enquiry Centres, Constitution, Membership numbers, corporate links, Mattel Protocol, AGM minutes (2009), financial report (2009).
  • Membership
    What you get Nine benefits (needs revising)

Existing other links

Should subsume under core links.

Scrabble Babble
First tournaments
Beginners guide

Chronology of Australian Scrabble



  • Make it classy
  • Make it mobile adaptable
  • Make it easy to navigate
  • Have the front page always have new stuff, eg news.
  • To cater to needs of our regulars
  • To give a welcoming guide to new visitors
  • To encourage visitors to take the next step
  • Fix wrong or outdated parts
  • Prune some parts
  • Get helpers to update now
  • Get helpers to maintain it

It will take a long time. Plan to update old material when I get it, even if a new design is not ready.

Some ideas for the front page Version B and Version C

To do

  • Find a web host
  • Online play (Karen)
  • CASPA info (Carol)
  • State contacts (mail appeal)
  • Records (Martin and Barry)
  • International achievements (who)
  • Coaching (John Holgate)
    Scrabble Players Handbook (second edition) PDF
  • Word lists
  • Fix Dead links


  • Bandaid banner on front page, advising changes to come and a little bit of news.
  • Fixed mistaken omission of Tas Champs 2020 under Major Events
  • Added Scrabble Players Handbook to the Strategy Page
  • Fixed broken link to Zyzzyva installer on the Words page
  • Updated information about states States contact info including their web page.
  • Updated with Australian Champs on Major Titles
  • Rewrote E-Mail lists page with the help of Nick Ivanovski. Renamed "Discuss" and has the new Scrabble Australia mailing list and information on Facebook discussion forums.
  • Fixed date of Wollongong tournament
  • Updated personnel on states
  • On tournaments page, added info about state run tournaments and CASPA run tournaments and international Tournaments. Also put the info about criteria to be rated, and necessity to send TOU file to nro after.
  • Revised the Dictionary page and provided the latest information on the Mattel purge
  • Altered stats.cgi and rathist.cgi to find players whose name has changed. Data are in pseudonym.txt Some other changes to these too. Still very slow.
  • Used program to create Records for this year and all time, as a tidier display. Moving on, intend to show only this year and all time, not every year. Also only show the very best, not the nearly good.