Scrabble Australia

Change Log

Front page

Original design was by Steve Sunter

Existing core links

  • Clubs
    • ACT, NSW etc (VIC is dead link)
    • Guidelines for start up 2009
    • → membership
  • Dictionaries
    • Dictionaries (history) has dead link to Zyzzyva
    • Beyond the Black Stump (prune)
  • Word Lists
    • many lists eg 2s, 3s (need reviewing?)
    • Collins tools (dead)
    • WESPA Lists (few, David Sutton)
    • ABSP lists (many, David Sutton)
  • Strategy
    John Holgate (Koala) 8 aspects S C R A B B L E (2005)
  • Quizzes
    Thematic Towns, Capital Cities, Melbourne Suburbs, Adelaide Suburbs
  • Records
    • All time (stale)
    • By category (stale)
    • By year (possibly good)
  • Play Online
    Very outdated. Karen will help.
  • Email lists
    Not redone for Google mailing list. Should have other ways eg Facebook.
    International too.
  • Links
  • Contact Us Links to state contacts - need to check.
    Should also have eg nro, webmaster
  • Tournaments

    Events calendar Very fresh.
    Should also link to requirements to be rated.
  • Results

    Recent data are always fresh.
    New quick look display of recent (cgi)
  • Ratings
    • Intro
    • Method
    • Criteria
    • Historical (perhaps redo)
    • Latest
    • RATING.DAT etc
  • Resources
    Mixed bag of links. Some for organisers, some for players.
  • Rules
    • National Rules (Jan 16 2021)
    • Etiquette
    • Rotating board (dated)
    • Personal Word Judge (new 2021)
    • NSW Variations (vague link)
  • Major titles
    National & State
    Fairly fresh
  • International
    Aussie achievements Very out of date (2007)
  • Schools Program
    Support network Very out of date (ask Tony Hunt)
  • About Us
    Our organisation Aims, National mugwumps, state mugwumps, membership officers, Scrabble Enquiry Centres, Constitution, Membership numbers, corporate links, Mattel Protocol, AGM minutes (2009), financial report (2009).
  • Membership
    What you get Nine benefits (needs revising)

Existing other links

Should subsume under core links.

Scrabble Babble
First tournaments
Beginners guide

Chronology of Australian Scrabble



  • Make it classy
  • Make it mobile adaptable
  • Make it easy to navigate
  • Have the front page always have new stuff, eg news.
  • To cater to needs of our regulars
  • To give a welcoming guide to new visitors
  • To encourage visitors to take the next step
  • Fix wrong or outdated parts
  • Prune some parts
  • Get helpers to update now
  • Get helpers to maintain it

It will take a long time. Plan to update old material when I get it, even if a new design is not ready.

To do

  • Find a web host
  • Online play (Karen)
  • CASPA info (Carol)
  • State contacts (mail appeal)
  • Records (Martin and Barry)
  • International achievements (who)
  • Coaching (John Holgate)
    Scrabble Players Handbook (second edition) PDF
  • Word lists
  • Fix Dead links


  • Bandaid banner on front page, advising changes to come and a little bit of news.
  • Fixed mistaken omission of Tas Champs 2020 under Major Events
  • Added Scrabble Players Handbook to the Strategy Page
  • Fixed broken link to Zyzzyva installer on the Words page
  • Made a start on States contact info
  • Updated with Australian Champs on Major Titles
  • Made minimal necessary changes to the E-Mail lists page. Needs revising and putting other social media links.
  • Fixed date of Wollongong tournament