The Australian Masters

This event is a prestige selective event held at a different location each year. In 2017 it is being held in Adelaide, at the Bridge Association at 243 Young Street, Unley.
The ratings system is used to invite the top twenty active Australian Scrabble players to compete in a round robin over 19 rounds.

The winner

The winner was by no means certain in the final rounds. There were several likely winners. It was only in the final round that Andrew Fisher was able to claim the title being one win clear of his rivals.
Here are the top three, pictured with Olly O'Shea, President of ASPA South Australia

1. Andrew Fisher

2. Joanne Craig

3. Daniel Piechnick

Competitors this year

VIC Andrew Fisher 1995
WA Russell Honeybun 1914
SA Daniel Piechnick 1908
NSW Esther Perrins 1846
NSW Joanne Craig 1772
WA David Vanzyl 1768
SA Michael Cameron 1754
NSW Rod Talbot 1730
QLD Ron Baginski 1729
NSW Ryan Sutton 1726
NSW Bob Jackman 1721
SA Trevor Tao 1713
WA Tim Mason 1706
NSW Rocky Sharma 1682
SA Adam Kretschmer 1681
NSW Tony Hunt 1660
NSW John Holgate 1639
TAS Stephen Mooney Pursell 1633
QLD Karen Richards 1600
SA Carmel Dodd 1578


Melbourne2005 Trevor Halsall
Wollongong2006 Bob Jackman
Melbourne2007 Naween Fernando
Melbourne2008 David Eldar
Sydney2009 Andrew Fisher
Melbourne2010 Peter Kougi
Adelaide2011 Edward Okulicz
Sydney2012 Edward Okulicz
Melbourne2013 Alastair Richards
Adelaide2014 Cameron Farlow
Sydney2015 Naween Fernando
Melbourne2016 Joanne Craig
Adelaide2017 Andrew Fisher

The State Challenge Trophy

At the same time, there is a team event for the states and territories. Three players from each of Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania compete in a 19 round event. Each player plays the 18 players from states other than their own (and has one bye round).


It was quite close with Tasmania taking the lead for many rounds. In the end Victoria prevailed, and a late rally by the Australian Capital Territory put them in second place, separated only on spread. Tasmania was only one game behind.
Wins31.5 31.5 30.5 29.5 25.5 25.5 25.5
Spread+1113 +379 +573 -13 -326 -825 -901

The winning team: Gwen Lampre, Carol Johnsen, Norma Fisher

The individual winner was Edie Mueller from West Australia. She had to work hard for her wins, and this is the second time she has won.

South Australian Scrabble Association President Olly O'Shea presented the prize to Edie Mueller.

Competitors this year

TAS Dianne Brumby 1680
ACT John Spaan 1602
SA Jane Taylor 1577
ACT Noel Barrett 1575
TAS Martin Rose 1571
QLD Jane Brown 1566
SA Tony Miller 1553
VIC Carol Johnsen 1550
SA Antonius Syrigos 1542
WA Ian Ting 1536
VIC Norma Fisher 1523
WA Edie Mueller 1519
QLD Trish Brighton 1510
NSW Ivor Zetler 1509
VIC Gwen Lampre 1509
ACT John Hamilton 1452
NSW Peter Shaw 1451
QLD Sheryl Davidson 1442
WA Anne Zion 1417
NSW Greg Pinchbeck 1371
TAS Keri Heart 1316

Past winners

HostYear State Individual
Melbourne2005 SA Carmel Dodd (SA)
Wollongong2006 WA Edie Mueller(WA)
Melbourne2007 VIC Tony Hunt (NSW)
Melbourne2008 QLD Harry Malcolm (VIC)
Sydney2009 QLD Chris Hall (WA)
Melbourne2010 NSW Michael McKenna (NSW)
Adelaide2011 QLD John Spaan (ACT)
Sydney2012 NSW Tony Hunt (NSW)
Melbourne2013 VIC Matte Dunn (VIC)
Adelaide2014 NSW Ryan Sutton (NSW)
Sydney2015 NSW Tim Mason (WA)
Melbourne2016 WA David Vanzyl (WA)
Adelaide2017 VIC Edie Mueller (WA)